Euphoria Season 2, Zendaya and Maude Apatow Expected to RETURN in Their Roles Sometime in 2021

The hot trending series, Euphoria, developed a large fan base for itself after the release of season 1. The show also secured for itself the position of the seventh ‘Most Googled Shows of 2019’. Even with the delay in the production of season 2, die-hard fans have not lost hope for its imminent return.

Euphoria is an American television series that follows the lives of a group of students. Created by Sam Levinson, Euphoria, the teen drama series adheres to the life experiences of sex, drugs, friendships, love, identity and trauma of an ensemble of youngsters. Based on the Israeli miniseries of the same name, the story touches on some critical topics.  As such, viewers look forward to what season 2 may entail.

Release Date: Euphoria Season 2

Season 1 premiered on June 16, 2019. To the happiness of fans and the cast, before season 1 of the series concluded, HBO announced that the second season is undeniably transpiring. The series renewed for a sequel in July 2019. The production started in early March of 2020.  but due to Pandemic, its release is delayed. Although the creators have provided no official announcements, we expect the release of the second instalment sometime in 2021.

Cast: Euphoria Season 2

Since none of the characters conclusively perished in the finale of season 1, all main characters should be returning. The cast of season 2 would, thus, include Zendaya in the role of Rue Bennett, the protagonist. We may also get to see Maude Apatow as Lexi HowardAngus Cloud as Fez O’Neill and Storm Reid as Gia Bennett. The characters of Nate Jacobs played by Jacob Elordi, and Jules Vaughn starred by Hunter Schafer might return as well.

Plot: Euphoria Season 2

Viewers do not know much about what season 2 might encompass. Some speculate that Rue might return this season if at all, possibly as a ghost. The creators kept the script for season 2 under tight wraps and rather intense secrecy. Fans may be in for more school chapters, episodes featuring Rules(Rue and Jules) or maybe even a mind-blowing plot twist that nobody could have guessed.  They include yarns on Nate’s sexuality, Cassie and McKay’s relationship or Kat and Ethan’s future relationship.

Storyline: Euphoria Season 1

The story introduces the life of a group of high school students and their experiences with love, trauma, drugs, intimacy and self-identity. The show emphases on subjects of controversy like sexuality and nudity. Rue returns from rehabilitation with no intentions of ridding herself of her addictions. Unexpectedly, she encounters and falls in love with Jules, the new girl.

With the support of her love, Rue finally decides to give a try at an average life. Nonetheless, the path proves itself to be thorny with the withdrawals Rue endures. She must also deal with her bipolar tendencies and the trauma of her father’s death.

Trailer: Euphoria Season 2