Izombie Season 6, Rahul Kohli might not RETURN due to CANCELLATION of the upcoming season.

Izombie is the zombie-thriller created by CW Networks and is a noteworthy American drama series. The show kept the audience awestruck with its sensational plot and dark twists. The show was nominated for many prestigious awards.  The show was a sensation when its first season aired in 2015.

Release Date: Izombie Season 6 

The first season of Izombie season 1 aired in 2015 and stood as one of the top-rated shows. Then the following seasons aired in the coming years. The show continued to maintain an IMDb rating of 7.9/10 and stood at the top ten plays of Netflix. The final season, Season five, was released in 2019, and it broke several records. The last season answered many of the questions and finished with a happy ending. The audience is expecting for season 6 to come out soon.

Cast: Izombie Season 6

The show, Izombie, runs on the backdrop of the half-dead human, Liv turned into a zombie who solves crimes and helps the human society. The portrayal of Liv by Roze Mclver is spellbound and well-received by fans. The ending in the finale was satisfying to the majority of the audience.Dr. Ravi Chakrabati (Rahul Kohli), Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) and other casts justified their roles and stood as the pillars for the success of the show.

Plot: Izombie Season 6

The whole story of the show turned around Liv, the zombie who loved crimes and saved the society. Although the creators introduced many exceptional and surprising characters in the following seasons, many answered in the final season. The audience expects to introduce many other characters and solve a few of the rest over questions form the past seasons. The show was cancelled back in 2018 for returning with another season (season 6). The creators say they are relieved that they could answer many of the questions in Season 5.

Is Season 6 Cancelled: Izombie Season 6

The hit show is anticipated to continue the legacy with the next season, season 6. However, the creators have announced that Liv won’t be continuing her work for season 6. It is sad to acknowledge that Season 6 won’t be releasing. CN cancelled the show along with, many other long-running series in 2018. The creators haven’t specified any reason for the same as of now. The show would have many more splendid characters if Season 6 were airing. If you haven’t watched the show yet, watch it. It’s available on Netflix and CW Networks.