Doctor Who Season 13, Jodie Whittaker will RETURN in the upcoming season, Release Date, Cast, Plot and more.

One of the most esteemed and treasured series is Doctor Who which has been winning people’s hearts ever since 2005 and has never let down their fans. The story revolves around a mysterious Time Lord who can travel from one time period to another. The travelling is only possible with the help of a spacecraft which is known as the TARDIS. The Time Lord is famously known as the Doctor in the entire series. Every time the Doctor incarnates into a new form, and that’s how we fans get exposure to a new series. This science-fiction series has always been eye-catching, and it was evident that when fans come to the end of the 12th series, the demand for 13th series is already going to begin at a high rate.

Release Date: Doctor Who Season 13

The Doctor Who is one of the famously longest-running sci-fi series, and it will again return with the thirteenth season, but any official dates are not declared yet. As the cherished season 12 was just released on 1 January 2020, fans have to wait a bit long for the next season. Mostly the filming will begin soon, and thus we might get to see the fantastic next season 13 by 2021.

Cast: Doctor Who Season 13

We know from the sources that the adored lead actress Jodie Whittaker would be returning to entertain her fans as the Thirteenth Doctor. Her companions Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh might not return who played their roles as Ryan Sinclair and Graham O’Brien respectively in the previous season. However, there is still hope of seeing Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan in the TARDIS team. We might even have a slight chance to see a few new faces in the series, but there is no official statement made yet.

Plot: Doctor Who Season 13

In season 12, it was crystal clear that our hero Doctor doesn’t belong from Gallifrey, so she isn’t the Time Lord but is a Time-Less child. The Doctor comes to know that she has been living endlessly but has no memory of it. In the end, Judoon arrives and arrests our favourite Doctor. Fans, after watching this did take a step back by this twist in the final episode. Now coming to the upcoming season, there is a possibility of Doctor going against her kind, and also we will know in detail about the Time Lord Hybrids. The Lone Cyberman will bring more mystery to the story, and fans might even get a glance of Doctor’s true origin. Also, it would be exciting to see the escape of our dear Doctor from Judoon, and all the main aspects from where the show was left would be covered in the upcoming season 13 of Doctor who.