Altered Carbon Season 2, Anthony Mackie Replaces Joel Kinnaman for the Role of Takeshi Kovacs

The sophisticated and compelling sci-fi drama, Altered Carbon, became extremely popular right after the release. Featuring mind-bending and body-swapping gimmicks, the series became loved by sci-fi lovers all over the world. Thus, fans await news of further releases while continuing watching the two seasons.

Created by Laeta Elizabeth KalogridisAltered Carbon is an American cyberpunk television series. It follows the novel of the same name, written by English author Richard K.Morgan. The first season of ten episodes premiered on Netflix on February 2, 2018. Fans obtained the second season only after a wait of two long years. However, Netflix decided to drop the cyberpunk drama after only two seasons. Therefore, there will be no season 3 of the series.

Release Date: Altered Carbon Season 2

Following the release of the first season 1 in early 2018, creators revealed news of the sequel relatively quick. Staff renewed the series for an eight-episode long season on July 27, 2018. Nonetheless, it was not until February 27, 2020, that viewers received the much wanted the season 2. Still, it beat the circulation of its anime film on March 19, 2020, in terms of faster release.

Cast: Altered Carbon Season 2

The series showcases Joel Kinnaman as Takeshi Kovacs in season 1 and Anthony Mackie in the same role in season 2. Renee Elise Goldsberry plays the role of Quellcrist “Quell” Falconer. We also see Marthe Higareda as Kristin OrtegaDichen Lachman as Reileen Kawahara and Ato Essandoh as Vernon Elliot. There is the appearance of Lela Loren as Danica Harlan and Torben Leibrecht starring Jaeger / Ivan Carrera as well.

Plot: Altered Carbon Season 2

The story of season 2 initiates 30 years after the conclusion of the first season. Takeshi Kovacs is the lone surviving soldier of a group of elite interstellar warriors. He continues his centuries-old quest to find Quellcrist Falconer, his lost love. After decades of aimless roaming and searching throughout the galaxy, Kovacs returns to his home planet, Harlan’s World. The premise of helping in his search for Quell forms the basis for his recruitment. His past still haunts Kovacs. His new mission entails investigating a series of brutal murders. He realises the fact that his new assignment and old task are connected.

Storyline: Altered Carbon Series

The story ensues in the 25th century in a futuristic conurbation called Bay City. A disk-shaped device called a cortical stack makes the human brain digitized. It is now possible to transfer the soul or sleeves from one body to another. The protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs, is former elite interstellar warrior, also known as an ‘Envoy’. He remained imprisoned for over 500 years. He is later ‘downloaded’ into a future he had tried to prevent. Kovac’s recruiters promise him a new chance at life on Earth. That holds true only if he can solve a single murder case. The problem is that the world has become one where technology has made death nearly obsolete.

Trailer: Altered Carbon Season 2