Sherlock Season 5, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will RETURN in the upcoming season.

The fantastic series which aired in the year 2010 was a big hit ever since. Even though it’s been three years now since season 4, it still has its impact on the public. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season for so long. Each episode of this series is actually like a movie but we fans can never get enough of it for sure. The mysterious series goes on revolving around our hero who tries to solve different cases in his unique style. Talking about season 4, at the ending scene the filmmakers decided to add a few flashes of the issues solved by Sherlock and John and Mary pays her final tribute.

This scene left many of us in shock as this ending scene was perfect for ending any series forever and ever and rumours of season 4 being the last season were everywhere. Hopefully, there is still a scope of us having a chance to enjoy season 5. Not only the entire cast is ready to entertain their fans via the Sherlock series again, but also creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat expressed their interest in the Red-Headed League. As there are several remarkable stories to choose from for the filmmakers, we fans can only hope to get to see all the outstanding cast members again in season 5.

Release Date: Sherlock Season 5

There are no official statements made yet regarding season 5, or its releasing date. As our hero, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to stay busy with all of his upcoming projects, and it might take some time for the creation of next season too. Martin Freeman and the filmmakers’ Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are also working hard on their respective tasks. Hence, until mid-2022, there is no scope of seeing season 5. There is a chance of releasing the season 5 only around the end of 2022 or might even extend to 2023.

Cast: Sherlock Season 5

Filmmakers wouldn’t surely take the risk of changing the main leads. So mostly in season 5, all our favourite characters like Sherlock Holmes, John H. Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Professor Moriarty and Molly Hooper would be seen according to the story-line. All these roles would be played by the same cast members that are Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott and Louise Brealey respectively. Surely with new emerging cases, we would also see a few new faces in the upcoming season based on the story chosen by the creators.

Plot: Sherlock Season 5

As nothing is confirmed yet, there are chances of the filmmakers to go with the Red-Headed League. The last season had many twists and turns, including the introduction of Sherlock’s sister Eurus, we might find more about her in detail along with the story revolving around Stella Hopkins.