‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 72, Jin Roong Defeated by Calpisto even after the Unleashing the Vicious Azure Dragon Form.

‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ is one of the most relished Korean manhwas, alongside a few others. With a total of 102 English translated chapters currently, the last few chapters had sudden plot twists that nobody expected. Thus, readers stay excited to know what has transpired and also what is going to happen next.

I Am The Sorcerer King‘, or ‘Naneun Madowangida’ is one of the most talked-about manhwas and webtoon as of yet. Written and illustrated by author ‘Decaspell Miro‘, the manhwa has captured the hearts of quite a several readers, of broad tastes. With the improvement in both the number and quality of upcoming manhwas, fans expect ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ to remain a fan favourite for a reasonably long period.

Release Date: ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 72

Uploaders released chapter 72 of the manhwa ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ on January 5, 2020. Manhwa chapters are generally distributed weekly and read on Sundays. The most recent chapter 109 uploaded on September 13, 2020.

Characters: ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 72

The popular manhwa includes characters like Lee Sunghoon, the protagonist, Min Yeoyoung and Michelle HowardKim Doojin, Lee GisukPark Jinsuk, Lee Jinsu and Shin Sangjin make for other vital characters.

Scanlator: ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 72

Leviatan Scans are responsible for the scalation of the manhwa ‘I Am Sorcerer King’. The scanlation group collects, cleans and translates the raws. Then follows by proof-reading, typesetting and editing. The group does a final quality check before distribution of the chapters.

Plot: ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 72

Calpisto and one of the great wizards, Paelton conclude that humanity is a threat to be left alive. Moreover, Jin Roong opposes Calpisto for this act of destroying Yongjeong. Although Jin Roong transforms into an azure dragon form, Calpisto’s attacks and Paelton’s gravity magic overpower him. The enemies, consequently, immobilise and capture Jin Roong.

Storyline: ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’

A decade ago, monsters started to originate from out of nowhere and began attacking humanity. At the same time, several people awakened unique and mystical abilities. They started confronting these monsters to obtain money and glory. The protagonist, Lee Sunghoon, is in dire need of funds to pay for treatment of his mother’s illness. He undertakes the dangerous job of acting as bait for other hunters, four times a month. One such day, a monster,  unfortunately, injures him horridly. This event causes him to remember his past life as a wizarding king. Now, Sunghoon tries to utilise the knowledge of his past life experience to make his current situation better.

Reading Site: ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 72

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