Virgin River Season 2, Melinda Dahl will be the new face of upcoming season, Release date, Cast, Plot, and more.

The show based on Virgin river book series which is written by Robyn Carr whose first season was on Netflix from December 6, 2019, was well-renowned and loved by the public. The story tells us about the life of Mel Monroe, who moves to North California for starting a new life leaving her sorrowful past away. All the twists and turns in the story were utterly mind-blowing, and fans were so addicted to the season which showcases that this season is going to attract more attention for sure.

Release Date: Virgin River Season 2

Netflix has announced that the beloved season will air in 2020, but any specific date will get announced soon hopefully. Just as the first season, season 2 will be having ten memorable episodes, and mostly Netflix will be releasing series by December 2020. Talking about season 3, through the sources it is known that the production has started for the season.

 Cast: Virgin River Season 2

The main cast of the past season would be seen in this season too like Alexandra Breckenridge, Grayson Gurnsey, Colin Lawrence, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Sarah Dugdale, Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson, Daniel Gillies will be present to show their awesomeness. Few new faces will be seen such as Melinda Dahl will play the role of Stacie as Mel’s sister in the series, Carmel Amit as Jamie. In contrast, Steve Bacic, Thomas Nicholson, Keith MacKechnie, Donal Heng and Lane Edwards will play their role a Wes, Leo Cavanagh, Nick, George and Sheriff Duncan respectively.

Plot: Virgin River Season 2

Season 2 is going to include a lot of drama by adding a spice of romance to it for sure. The story will revolve about Mel and Jack’s relationship also, and we will get to know Page and Christoper’s upcoming story in detail. The Vancouver’s location surely fits in the series perfectly and the story will continue from where it was left on, the season will showcase how Jack is going to handle his love life with Mel along with the newborn baby with his ex-girlfriend Charmaine. Also, what if Charmaine is not pregnant with Jack’s baby? We will get the answers in season 2 for which each one of us is waiting for so long.