The 100 Season, Lindsey Morgan and Eliza Taylor will RETURN in the upcoming season, Release Date, Cast, Plot and more!

The 100 (season 7)  was renewed by CW on April 24, 2019, whereas was premiered on May 20, 2020, and fans have been happy ever since. It’s been halfway past season, but enthusiasm among the public regarding the ending of this series has not decreased even a little bit. After 97 years of the deadly nuclear war, a group of one hundred juvenile delinquents were sent back to earth in the scope of finding a possibility of survival on earth. Around this story-line, the entire series has been developing into such a big hit and season 7 has been successful in attracting more audience because of its eye-catching story-line for sure.

Release Date: The 100 Season 7

As the episodes are currently getting aired now, the final episode will be available to watch on September 30 of this year.

Cast: The 100 Season 7

Like all the other seasons, we can see our beloved actress Eliza Taylor with other cast members like Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos playing the role as Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake respectively. In contrast, we’ll be surely missing Henry Ian Cusick, and Paige Turco as their respective characters Marcus Kane and Abby Griffin had to die in the season 6. Lindsey Morgan will play the role of Raven Reyes, who is also directing in this season. Also, Nikki and Hatch are the new characters are added that would be played by Alaina Huffman and Chad Rook respectively.

 Plot: The 100 Season 7

The season would consist of 16 episodes just like in season 2 and 3. A new force which is known as “The Anomaly” would be discovered in the sci-fi drama, including human civilization, would be found on a planet called Bardo. If you are expecting time travelling, then please don’t as there is no time travelling and Hope the daughter of Charmaine Diyoza and Paxton McCreary is not the villain in the series. The show makers have said that they’ll give “their version of a happy ending”, but in the entire series you would see that characters keep making wrong choices and would go through a lot of struggles so maybe Clarke and Bellamoy would end up together, and love will win over everything in the end.

Update on The 100 Season 8:

According to the sources CW President Mark Pedowitz has mentioned that The 100 would be completing 100 episodes in season 7 and also this is the final season hoping that fans would be satisfied by the team’s hard work. As per the public demand, which is high prequel series will air, and this is undoubtedly happy news for all the fans out there.