Suits Season 10, Mike Ross will RETURN in the upcoming series, Release Date, Cast, Plot and Storyline.

The news of no season 10 of the most awaited television series has left fans in distress. Consequently, what happens if one says there is a likelihood of one? Being one of the most remarkable legal crime dramas of its genre, Suits has won over many fans. Accordingly, admirers have kept up with all of its nine seasons and are eager for a tenth season as well. The long-running series, created and written by Aaron Korsh, was premiered on USA Network and produced by Universal Cable Productions. A stellar cast featuring talented actors like Gabriel MachtPatrick J.AdamsRick HoffmanMeghan MarkleSarah Raffety and Gina Torres have starred. Although Suits has ended after a long run of nine seasons, the legal drama might still be able to continue with the Gina Torres-led spin-off, Pearson.

Release Date: Suits Season 10

The Suits television series concluded with the airing of season 9 in September 2019. The watchers’ witness Mike Ross(Patrick J.Adams) return to the law firm to help Harvey Specter(Gabriel Macht) protect it from getting dissolved. Creators have ruled out all probabilities of a season 10. However, we can consider a new series called Pearson an extension of Suits, revolving around the struggles of Jessica Pearson.

Cast: Suits Season 10

The main cast of Pearson, the believed season 10 and continuation of Suits, comprise Gina Torres as Jessica PearsonBethany Joy Lenz as Keri AllenSimon Kassianides as Nick D’AmatoEli Goree as Derrick Mayes, and many more. We can also witness of Harvey Specter(Gabriel Macht) and Louis Litt(Rick Hoffman) as special guest stars.

Plot: Suits Season 10

Pearson follows the struggles of power-house lawyer Jessica Pearson as she sets foot into the fraudulent domain of Chicago politics. The story proceeds with Jessica starting a new job in the Mayor’s office and experiencing seedy politics and power struggle. The show represents Jessica Pearson as a symbol of endurance. What’s so appealing about Pearson is how this powerhouse attorney has shifted to the political sphere in a brand new city with strangers and limited power.

Storyline: Suits Series 

While running from an unexpected failure in a drug deal, college-dropout Mike Ross tries his luck in a job interview with one of New York’s reigning lawyer, Harvey Specter. Being tired of handling straight-laced law-school graduates, Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot. Harvey identifies Mike as an unpolished diamond for his raw talent and photographic memory. Mike and Harvey form an unbeatable duo.

Although Mike is a genius, he does not know much about the workings of the law. Though Harvey might seem like emotionless and cold-blooded, Mike’s unanticipated sympathy for their cases prompts his reason for undertaking law. Proving to be an uncontrollable duo, Mike and Harvey must keep their secret from everyone. They must primarily hide the fact from Jessica and Harvey’s fated rival Louis, who remains resolved on making Mike’s life grim.

Trailer: Suits Season 10