Ethics Policy

The information provided by Research Blaze is intended to be both factual and logical.
Our intention is to provide a balanced and truthful account of any given situation.


The staff at Research Blaze is committed to providing fair and accurate coverage of the sports world. The accuracy and reliability of a piece of writing is ensured by double-checking all of the references and facts before to publication. Furthermore, multiple people perform quality assurance checks on articles at various points in the process. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information; nonetheless, there may be inaccuracies in the form of typos, broken links, or other errors. One’s poor judgement may occasionally cause them to make serious errors in judgement that they did not intend. In such cases, Research Blaze will publish a note of clarification, a retraction, or a correction, depending on the circumstances.


Research Blaze is committed to a work environment that promotes and rewards fair play, and we expect all staff members to uphold these standards. By being transparent about the motivations of our sources, we hope to infuse our reporting with a strong sense of fair play. When discussing issues, we should also strive for balance.

An unbalanced account would exclude crucial details. Information that has nothing to do with the facts is likewise not fair. If a story misleads its audience, either on design or unintentionally, it is not fair. A balanced report must include all important information and be written in an objective manner.

Unless the individuals or locations being discussed in the narrative are given the opportunity to refute the statements or assertions made about them, the report cannot be considered fair. We need to allow individuals plenty of opportunity to respond to what has happened, what is going on, and most crucially, what has been said about them.


Sincerity is essential to gaining others’ trust. Research Blaze  has assured us that they would avoid conflicts of interest whenever they can.
No one who brings us news ever offers us anything, whether monetary or otherwise. Further, we do not accept money from governments, government-funded agencies, government officials, political parties, or lawmakers who have stances on contentious matters. Journalists and editors are likewise forbidden to accept payment or other benefits from the entities they cover.

In addition, Research Blaze requires proper attribution for all information published on the website. Use of anonymous sources is strictly prohibited unless approved by the editor. Reporters and editors in these instances should be able to convey how accessible and reputable the source is.