David Woolley Net Worth: What is Christine Brown’s Husband’s Staggering Net Worth?

David Woolley is a thriving entrepreneur, architect, and well-known figure in the public eye due to his romantic involvement with Christine Brown, a prominent figure on the reality TV series “Sister Wives”.

Curious about David Woolley’s financial standing and the source of his wealth? This Article will delve into his life story, professional journey, and net worth.

Quick Facts About David Woolley

Real Name David Woolley
Businessman, Architect, Celebrity Partner, Media Face, and Entrepreneur.
Age 59 Years Old
Birthdate 22 December 1963
San Diego, California, United States.
Net Worth
USD 1-2 million (approx.)
Present Wife Christine Brown

David Woolley Net Worth

David Woolley has diligently pursued his aspirations, earning from diverse business ventures and investments. He enjoys a comfortable lifestyle alongside his partner in Herriman, Utah.

As of October 2023, various reports estimate David Woolley’s net worth to be between $1 million and $2 million. This valuation takes into account his earnings from his construction company, real estate ventures, and other financial holdings.

David Woolley Net Worth

Looking ahead, David’s net worth could potentially rise further as he continues to develop his businesses and broaden his investment portfolio. Additionally, opportunities from his involvement in projects like “Sister Wives” and other media ventures may contribute to his earnings.

David Woolley’s Early Life and Education

David Woolley was born on December 22, 1963, in San Diego, California. At present, he is 59 years old and lives in Herriman, Utah. He is a Capricorn according to his zodiac sign.

There is limited information about his family, including his parents and siblings. His educational background remains undisclosed, but he appears to be well-educated and knowledgeable.

Career and Business

David Woolley is a seasoned architect with a rich portfolio of designed buildings and structures. Additionally, he is the proprietor of David Woolley Drywall, a construction firm known for its expertise in drywall installation for painting and finishing. He established his company in November 2016 and has consistently delivered top-notch services to his clientele.

In addition to his architectural pursuits, David Woolley is a proficient real estate agent, adept at facilitating property transactions for buyers and sellers. His knack for spotting favorable deals and skillful negotiation has led to numerous successful transactions, earning him a commendable reputation in the field.

Personal Life of David Woolley

David Woolley has eight children from his earlier marriage to Margaret Lucille Suliin, whom he married in November 1990. Their names are Adam, Colton, Dallas, Kati, Garrett, Maddox, Payton, and Raegan. Additionally, he is a proud grandfather to several grandchildren.

David Woolley’s Marriage With Christine Brown

David Woolley and Christine Brown tied the knot in a lovely ceremony in Moab, Utah on Saturday, October 7, 2023. About 330 guests, including Christine’s children, grandchildren, and one of her co-wives, Janelle Brown, attended the event.


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Christine looked radiant in a white lace gown with a veil, carrying a bouquet of pink roses. David wore a sharp gray suit with a pink tie. They exchanged vows and rings beneath a wooden arch adorned with flowers and lights.

This wedding marked the culmination of their love story, which began in early 2023. Christine publicly announced her relationship with David on Valentine’s Day that year, having separated from her former husband, Kody Brown, in 2021.

She affectionately referred to David as her soulmate and the love of her life, praising his wonderful, kind, romantic nature, and his incredible relationship with her children and grandchildren.

In April 2023, David proposed to Christine in a profoundly romantic manner, and she happily accepted. The couple shared their engagement and wedding plans on social media, receiving a flood of support and congratulations from fans and family alike.

Now, happily married, David Woolley and Christine Brown are basking in their newfound bliss. They eagerly anticipate their future together and have also made appearances on the reality TV showSister Wives,” introducing themselves to viewers and sharing their story. They serve as an inspiration to many in search of true love and happiness.

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Final Words

David Woolley is a multi-talented person with a wide range of accomplishments. He’s a thriving entrepreneur, skilled architect, and a well-known figure, boasting a considerable net worth between $1 million and $2 million.

Beyond his professional success, he takes great joy in his roles as a devoted father, doting grandfather, and caring partner, cherishing moments spent with loved ones.

In addition, David Woolley and Christine Brown have tied the knot and are reveling in their happiness together. They’ve expressed their appreciation and eagerness for what lies ahead.

Their journey has been shared with the public through their participation in the reality TV show Sister Wives, where they introduced themselves and shared their unique love story. If you are interested in learning more about other celebrities in general, then you can also save or bookmark our website.

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