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Which is Better for Your Game Art Projects: In-House or Outsourcing Studio?


The mobile gaming industry provides numerous opportunities to improve its goods. However, developers can choose between in-house game art design and engaging a game art outsourcing provider. Explore the depths of this page to determine which option is best for you.

Game Art In-House Production

In-house production of game art refers to the hiring of full-time game art designers. They will work as part of your organization’s internal processes to meet your game art requirements. Meeting deadlines may not be an issue because they will be working only on your tasks.

Building a Game Art In-House Production Team, on the other hand, could be a challenge. To produce game art in-house, you will need to find specialists with the necessary knowledge and expertise. You will also have to give the crew a wage when they work full-time with you.

Game Art Outsourcing

Creating an interesting and visually appealing video game might take years. Working on an idea, scripting, animation, character design, programming, testing, and other aspects all contribute to game creation. Outsourcing game art allows developers to shorten the production cycle.

Hiring a game art outsourcing business might also help you save money. Several businesses are focusing on outsourcing game art to reputable studios. Outsourcing is also becoming more popular in terms of total budgetary allocation.

Which is Better for Your Game Art Projects In-House or Outsourcing Studio


The following are some notable advantages of game art outsourcing:

● Time-Saving

Hiring in-house game art designers can take time. Interviewing, screening, and training candidates are all part of the process. However, outsourcing your game art technology eliminates the need for you to go through the time-consuming employment process.

● Cost-Effective

You do not have to pay the interior professionals’ salaries while they wait for the following development project. It will ensure that you may save money on training and adaption. Outsourcing ensures that you pay the game art designers according to the length and requirements of the project.

Outsourcing is also advantageous because it eliminates overhead expenditures. There will be no additional costs for office space, computers, licensed software, or other equipment. Your outsourcing partner will focus on controlling the labor pool and saving you money.

● Flexibility

At times, game production companies have a high demand for game art designers. When demand is high, you can add temporary resources by outsourcing. When the demand has subsided, you can easily dispose of the resources.

It also allows you to delegate repetitive and mundane duties to an outside team. As a result, the internal team will not be overburdened with unneeded responsibilities. The internal staff is also given the ability to focus on more critical game development duties.

How to Avoid Roadblocks While Working with an Outsourcing Game Art Studio

Outsourcing of game art is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. However, finding the appropriate game art outsourcing studio becomes critical to success. Some pointers for selecting an acceptable game art outsourcing provider based on your requirements are as follows:

● Provide Detailed Specifications

You must provide clear specifications before outsourcing video game art. Remember that competence and precise knowledge about your requirements will have a significant impact on the final output. Giving the outsourcing studio vague specifications will not benefit you.

Which is Better for Your Game Art Projects In-House or Outsourcing Studio

There will be several misunderstandings if there is no detailed explanation. Giving specific examples of what you expect will be valuable. To deliver the correct information, eliminate ambiguity in your instructions.

● Consider Their Reliability

Before engaging a game art outsourcing studio, you must ascertain its legitimacy. You can hunt for freelancers, but there will be no agency to vouch for their integrity. However, collaborating with a studio appears to be more prudent.

The studio will already have a team of pros who will approach your project professionally. Working with a studio will also save you time because you will no longer need to comprehend the art designers’ capabilities.

Before hiring game art designers, the studio will conduct a competency assessment.

● Understand the Privacy of the Project

You must select a reliable video game art designer. Studios have a great reputation for not exposing clients’ personal information. You can further secure the confidentiality of your project by having them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

● Good Communication Is Necessary

A good game art outsourcing studio will ask you a number of questions. Remember that answering the questions is essential for the best results. Prepare to answer the questions that will have an impact on how your final product is delivered.

Before beginning work on your project, the game art outsourcing firm must ask the appropriate questions. It will eliminate any possibility of miscommunication or misunderstanding during the process. You should also ask pertinent questions to the outsourcing agency in order to assess their working style and other factors.

Keep in mind that the majority of game art outsourcing companies are located outside. As a result, you must devise an efficient method of communicating your requirements. Before making any changes or modifications, the game art outsourcing company must contact you.

● Assess Their Ability to Meet Deadlines

Meeting strict deadlines is essential for any game development company looking to impress its customers. Even though you will not be personally managing the game art designers, you should receive regular project updates. Choose a game art outsourcing company that consistently meets your deadlines.


Whether you use in-house game art or an outsourced company is entirely up to you. It is vital to consider your unique requirements before deciding which one is best for you.

Outsourcing game art design has grown in popularity in recent years. However, this does not exclude you from assembling an in-house game art designer team.

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