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The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled!


The Cleaning Lady is a crime drama television series that follows Thony De La Rosa, a Cambodian doctor who moves to the United States to better her son’s life.

The Cleaning Lady, a captivating drama series that has grabbed audiences with its intense storyline and engaging characters, is poised to return for a third season, which is widely anticipated.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Renewal Status

Fox has renewed The Cleaning Lady for a third season. On February 2, 2023, just a few weeks after the Season 2 finale aired, the show was revived. The program has been renewed for a third season after being a critical and commercial success.

The renewal comes as no surprise given the show’s popularity on Fox. Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady averaged 5.4 million viewers each episode across several platforms, making it one of Fox’s most popular shows.

Miranda Kwok, the program’s creator, will return as showrunner for Season 3. Jeannine Renshaw, who has previously worked on projects such as Good Girls and In the Dark, will also serve as co-showrunner.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady has yet to be announced. Although the show was revived in February 2023, production has yet to begin. The show will most likely not air until 2024.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date

There are a few elements that could influence The Cleaning Lady Season 3’s release date. The present writers’ strike is one factor. The strike has caused production delays for various TV programs, including The Cleaning Lady.

However, it is likely that The Cleaning Lady Season 3 may premiere earlier than predicted. Fox may want to air the show as soon as possible because it is popular.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Cast

Actor Character
Elodie Yung Rosa
Adan Canto Arman
Martha Millan Alice
Tom Verica Sam
Sebastien LaSalle David
Morena Baccarin Fiona
Ginger Gonzaga Gloria

The Cleaning Lady Plotline

Thony arrives in Las Vegas with her son, Chris, who suffers from a rare genetic disease that necessitates costly care. Thony’s visa has expired, thus she can no longer work as a doctor. She is forced to work as a maid, and she quickly finds herself cleaning up crime scenes for Arman Morales, a criminal connected to a prominent Armenian crime family.

Thony is first hesitant to work for Arman, but she eventually agrees to do so in exchange for his assistance in obtaining Chris the therapy he requires. Thony’s cleaning skills are crucial to Arman, and she soon finds herself working on some of his most risky and important jobs.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Release Date

As Thony delves deeper into the world of organized crime, she becomes entangled in a web of deceit, treachery, and violence. To survive and defend her son, she must utilize all of her abilities and cunning.

The Cleaning Lady is a thrilling and action-packed drama that delves into the dark side of the American dream. It is the story of a lady who is willing to go to any length to protect her child, even if it means getting engaged in the criminal underworld.

The series has received accolades for its strong female lead, thrilling plot, and realistic depiction of organized crime. It has also received recognition for its multiculturalism, having a cast comprised of individuals from many ethnic backgrounds.

How Many Episodes Will Be in The Cleaning Lady Season 3?

The amount of episodes in Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady has not yet been disclosed. However, the first two seasons of the show each featured ten episodes, thus Season 3 is anticipated to have a similar number of episodes.

The show got renewed for a third season in February 2023, so filming should begin soon. In the following months, we may get an update on the number of episodes in Season 3.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Trailer

There is currently no trailer for The Cleaning Lady Season 3. The show was renewed for a third season in February 2023, therefore a trailer is anticipated to be produced in the next months.

Season 2’s trailer was released in August 2022, therefore it is probable that Season 3’s trailer may be released around the same time in 2023. However, you can watch the trailer for season 2 here.

Where to Watch The Cleaning Lady Season 3?

Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady will be available on Fox and Hulu. Fox is a broadcast television network, so if you have a cable or satellite connection, you may watch it live on your TV. The day after it airs on Fox, you can also watch it on Hulu.

Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady will also be available to rent or buy on digital platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Google Play.

The Cleaning Lady Ratings

Critics have given The Cleaning Lady mostly good reviews. The show has a 78% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 41 reviews, with a 6.6/10 average rating and 7.0/10 on IMDb. The program has a weighted average score of 65 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 14 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews.”


Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady is guaranteed to be a thrilling and action-packed trip. The program has been renewed for a third season, and the cast and crew are most likely already working on new episodes. Season 3 will most likely begin where Season 2 left off, with Thony attempting to defend her name and protect her son.

Miranda Kwok, the show’s creator, has stated that she intends to explore Thony’s past in Season 3. She will also look at motherhood, family, and redemption. I am looking forward to seeing what occurs in Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady. So far, the program has been a thrilling and action-packed trip, and I am confident that Season 3 will be even better.

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