A Boss and a Babe Season 2 Confirm Release Date, Cast Plot, Trailer and More Updates Are Here!

This Thai Boy Love Series was Debuted on March 3, 2023. This is Gmmtv’s First Bl Series of the Year. The Series Stars a Cast of Well-known Performers From Prior Gmmtv Projects. The Series Has Already Received a Large Number of Views on Youtube and is Being Viewed and Rewatched All Around the World.

It is Based on Brave2y’s Novel Khob Wanni Loek Kan Pi Mai. It is the Author’s Second Novel Set in the Same Universe. The Series is Directed by New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul, With a Screenplay Written by Inthira Thanasarnsumrit. ‘new’ Has Already Directed Several Successful Shows Such as Make It Right, Love by Chance, Between Us, and My Only 12%. He is well-known for Putting on Good Shows.

He and Inthira Have Already Given Us a Show That Has Become Quite Special for Many Fans, as well as the Outstanding on-screen Romance Between Boun and Prem in Their Latest Drama Between Us. Fans Are Delighted to Witness More of Their Excellent Narrative in A Boss and a Babe.

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A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Renewed Status

Although the Story of a Boss and a Babe Has Not Been Completed, Viewers Are Already Anticipating News of a Future Season of the Show. Gmmtv Has Yet to Make an Official Announcement About the Show’s Renewal. Fans Will Be Able to See Gun and Cher, the Main Pair From the Show, as well as Other Gmmtv Couples, in Gmmtv’s Upcoming Project Our Skyy 2. Our Skyy 2 Has Completed Filming and is Now Ready for Release.

A Boss and a Babe Season 2 Release Date

We Know It Will Be an Eight-part Anthology Series in Which Viewers Will Get a Glimpse Into the Lives of Their Favorite Couples From Other Productions, Such as Akk and Ayan From the Eclipse, Tinn and Gun From My School President, Pat, and Pran From Bad Buddy the Series, Tian, and Phupha From a Tale of Thousand Stars, Khabkluen and Daonuea From Star and Sky: Star in My Mind, Nuengdiao, and Palm and Never Let Me Go.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Release Date

Thai Bl Drama Series A Boss and a Babe are Gaining Popularity Among Bl Fans. It is Based on a Novel That is Separated Into Several Segments, Each With a Major Pair. The Gun and Cher Segment Has Been Updated for Gmmtv. The Release Date of the Second Season is Currently Uncertain and Has Not Been Officially Documented.

Gmmtv Has Already Begun Filming for an Eight-part Anthology Series That Will Feature Various Couples From Previous Gmmtv Projects. Our Skyy 2 is Planned to Premiere on April 19, 2023, So Fans May Expect to See Gun and Cher Again.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Cast And Crew

This Show Features Some Well-known and Talented Actors, Including.

Cast Crew
Jiratchapong Srisang Gun
Kasidet Plookphol Cher
Pusit Ditaphisit Thi
Thiphakorn Thitathan Zo
Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit Jack
Thinnaphan Tantui Porsche
Sattabut Laedeke Time

What Is The Storyline Of A Boss And A Babe?

This Story Takes Place at Phenomenal Gaming, a Game Development Studio Where Gun is the Boss and Cher is a Newly Hired Intern. Cher, Also Known as Laem by His Pals, Aspires to Be a Major E-sports Player and Competes in a Variety of Events With His Buddies.

He Also Has an Asmr and a Gaming Channel. His Gaming Channel is Well-known, Yet on His Asmr Channel, He Wants to Mask His Face.

He is a Cheerful, Fun-loving University Student Who Takes Life Head on and is Not Afraid to Try New Things. Gun, on the Other Hand, is a Harsh and Uncompromising Employer Who Rules His Office With an Iron Fist. In His Presence, His Employees Are Always Attentive and Stiff.

He and His Friend Established the Company From the Bottom Up, but Their Paths Eventually Diverged, and His Friend Quit the Company Bitterly.

A Boss and a Babe Season 2 Release Date

From Then, He’s Evolved Into the Man We’ve Known From the Beginning of the Series: Severe and Unforgiving. Here Comes Cher. A Gun is Not Impressed With His First Encounter With the Boss. Cher Also Mixes Up Gun’s Coffee Order and Panics. Despite the Fact That Things Appear Grim, Gun Realizes Cher is the Asmr Artist Whose Voice Has Been Lulling Him to Sleep Every Night, and He Strikes a Deal With Cher.

Cher is Required by the Arrangement to Call a Gun Every Night to Assist Him in Falling Asleep. Gun and Cher Become Acquainted as a Result of This Peculiar Arrangement. Through the Episodes, Gun Learns to Grin and Be Adventurous Again. Cher Brings Out in Him a Childishness That He Had Thought Was Lost.

Gun, on the Other Hand, Gradually Becomes Cher’s, Safe Haven. Cher Feels Safe Allowing Gun to See the Dark Interior Cher Conceals Beneath His Bubbly Mask. We Discover the Tragic Past That Drove Cher Away From His Home, Leaving Him With an Unhealed Loss and the Wrath That Comes With It.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In A Boss And A Babe Season 2?

There Has Been No Official Indication on the Number of Episodes in Season 2 of “A Boss and a Babe.” However, the Number of Episodes May Be the Same as in Season One, Which Had Ten. The Number of Attacks May Increase or Decrease Depending on How the Plot Unfolds and What the Audience Believes.

Still, the Show’s Overall Quality and Entertainment Value Will Be a Key Priority, and Each Episode Will Be Packed With Interesting Content to Keep Fans Interested. Fans of the Program Can Expect a Second Season Packed with Surprises, Twists, and Exciting Moments.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Trailer

We Don’t Know What Will Happen in A Boss and a Babe Season 2, but Some Fans Have Made Films That Offer Us a Taste of What to Expect. It Appears to Be a Comedy/romance, but We Will Have to Wait for the Actual Trailer, However, You can Watch the Trailer for the First Season Here.

Where Can You Watch A Boss And A Babe Series?

Individuals Who Want to View the Show Can Do So Through Numerous Official Websites. The Show is Shown on Gmm 25’s Official Original Network as Well as Viu. The Show Will Also Be Available on Gmmtv’s Official Youtube Website, Where Each Episode Will Be Broken Into Four Parts. Every Week on Friday at 8:30 Pm, According to Thai Time, All 12 Episodes Will Be Uploaded.

A Boss And A Babe Series Ratings

Season 1 Has a 7.5 Out of 10 Rating on IMDb, According to Google Statistics. Season 2’s Next Series Rating is Currently Unknown. All of the Estimates Are Ambiguously Tied to Season 2 Ratings.


A Boss and a Beauty Despite the Odds, Their Friendship Deepens Throughout the Series, and Fans Pull for Their Success. The Script Shows a Happy Story That Will Appeal to People Looking for a Lighthearted Series. One of the Most Amazing Aspects of the Production is the Cast of Well-known Actors Who Bring the Characters to Life.

Their Performances Are a Testament to Their Abilities and Have Significantly Contributed to the Popularity of the Show. Fans Anticipate Seeing These Actors in Future Projects, and the Show Has Surely Served as a Launching Pad for Their Careers. They Coupled a Captivating Love Story With an Outstanding Ensemble to Create an Amazing Viewing Experience.

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