Who is Tanjiro Dad? How Was Tanjiro Die?

Tanjiro is a well-known character in the anime Demon Slayer as he is the main protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Tanjiro joined the Demon Slayer Corps to find a remedy for his sister Nezuko Kamado, in order to turn back into a human. Also, to hunt down demons and kill demons.

What Tanjiro did do before joining Demon Layer?? Before joining a Demon Slayer, Tanjiro was working as a coal burner. Muzan murdered his entire family, and his little sister, Nezuko, was converted into a demon. The viewers of the anime are curious to know about Tanjiro’s father.

In this article, you will get to know about Tanjio’s father and his personality, appearance, history abilities and fighting style, and many more. Keep reading this article till the end in order to know the interesting facts about Tanjiro’s dad.

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What is the Name of Tanjiro’s Dad?

Tanjuro Kamanda was the father of Tanjiro Kamado. And his wife’s name was Kie Kamado. He and his wife had six children named Tanjiro, Nezuko, Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, and Rokuta. 

Let’s read how Tanjiro’s Dad Tanjuro looked in an anime, Tanjuro was a thin man with black hair that had red eyes and fair skin. His child Tanjiro shares his father’s hair and eye color, which is actually unexpected.

Tanjuro had a disease, and due to this his skin looked drab and made him weak. He had a birthmark on his forehead.

Apart from this, Tanjuro was an introverted, calm, forgiving, charming, and kind individual. He lived peacefully with his family and frequently gave life lessons to Tanjiro.

Despite his peaceful behavior, he had a respectable, royal aura and had the least awareness of his surroundings.

Who is Tanjiro’s Dad

He feared standing out or demonstrating his genuine ability to others, according to his Tanjiro. However, he would not hesitate to defend his family if they were in danger and would not have mercy on the enemy.

What did Tanjuro wear?? Tanjuro wore the same outfit as Tanjiro, a sporting black checked Haori (a thigh-length jacket) that was orange instead of dark turquoise.

When he was alive, he wore hanafuda earrings (6-star unit-based earrings from the Demon Slayer franchise), after receiving them from his ancestor. After the death of Tanjuro, Tanjiro eventually began to wear them.

On the Kagura occasion, which is a form of dance based on Japanese mythology, Tanjuro wore different clothes.

Tanjiro looked like a swami Kagura dancer in a long-sleeved dark brown dress with golden and crimson red frames with a large mask covering a whole face with the kanji. He decorated a wooden seven-branched sword, inspired by Yoriichi’s Sun Breathing forms.

In his later years, Tanjuro was a wise but sick and weak man who appeared to have a connection to the demon-killing world. Before his death, his wife and two youngest children were killed, but his two surviving children got inspiration from him.

What Are Abilities Tanjuro Had?

Tanjuro had a birthmark on his head which was basically a secret demon Slayer mark which is proven in Shinjiro’s explanation that it is a natural mark that all Sun Breathings users have.

As Sumiyoshi was the first known user of the Sun Breathing skill alongside Yoruichi. Sumiyoshi fulfilled his promise to Yoriichi after passing a technique from generation to generation.

Tanjuro Kamado had an extraordinary skill that made him different and powerful. Tanjuro was a strong person despite not being a Demon Slayer and having a disease that makes his body very weak. 

Do you know, without even using a Nichirin Sword, he was able to kill a bear nine feet tall because of his faster moving speeds than the speed of light? As he had knowledge of Hinokami Kagura, he was able to dance for a very long time without getting tired.

Due to his mastery of Hinokami Kagura, Tanjuro had incredible stamina and endurance for a non-Demon Slayer. He was able to practice the ritual dance continuously from night until morning despite being ill, having a weak body, and being in cold conditions.

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How was Tanjuro Die?

 In the earlier paragraphs, we read that Tanjuro was suffering from a disease due to which his body became dull and weak. Tanjuro had a birthmark on his head, but he did not activate it. In his later years, he was a wise and sick as well as weak man.


Tanjiro’s dad was an extraordinary man, but he was not a demon slayer. He had six children; he may have died because of illness.

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