Jinny’s Kitchen episode 4 Release Date, Time and where to watch

Seeing your favourite K-pop stars start a food truck and serve food to the general public has a refreshingly honest quality to it. Youn’s Kitchen, starring Oscar-winning actress Youn Yuh-jung, ran for two seasons on tvN in 2017 and 2018.

Five years after the show’s first popularity, actor Lee Seo-jin will take over as the proprietor of a Mexican eatery called Jinny’s Kitchen. Three members of the notorious Wooga Squad appear on the Korean variety show. Park Seo-joon is inviting BTS V (Kim Tae-hyung) and Choi Woo-shik, two of his business buddies, to join him on the second season of Youn’s Kitchen.

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4 Release Date

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Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 1 Release Date

Release time for Episode 4 of Jinny’s Kitchen is Friday, March 17 at 8:50pm (KST) / 3:50am (PT) / 6:50am (EST) throughout the world (ET).

Around 1 hour and 30 minutes will be allotted for each episode of Jinny’s Kitchen. The episodes will be released with English subtitling.


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Trailer For Jinny’s Kitchen

What is Jinny’s Kitchen about?

Korean actor Lee Seo-jin will be challenging his co-stars to manufacture and sell Korean fast food in the forthcoming season of the Korean variety show Jinny’s Kitchen.

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4 Release Date

Earlier episodes of Youn’s Kitchen included classic Korean dishes like bulgogi and bibimbap. Jinny’s Kitchen, hosts of a restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico, will showcase a new, healthier food on their upcoming 2023 variety show.

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 3 Recap

The older man is having a good time at supper despite his difficulties with the chopsticks. The employees notice an increase in foot traffic and a new customer. The father and daughter, however, find the food boring and leave. Once the other guests finish their meals and leave, Tae-Hyungcool person“-style cleans the plates.

Tae-hyung tells Seo-joon that he is having a good time and that he hopes the restaurant stays open for a little longer. Seo-jin laughs on the first day, but the restaurant is already closed by 6:50 p.m. Tae-hyung admits that he had hoped for fewer consumers because he wasn’t putting in a lot of effort from the start. They’ve finally returned to their property.

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4 Release Date

The member of BTS says he was heartbroken by the low attendance. Seo-jin prepares a meal for his staff, who have all cleaned up for the occasion. When discussing the day’s activities, Seo-jin argues that they need more appealing menu options like their competitors.

Yu-mi suggests making a pig kimbap in response to Seo-suggestion jin’s that they may have the potatoes produce numerous sorts that Seo-Joon has experienced cooking. Tae-Hyung stretches while Yu-mi uses a roller to help her sleep and Seo-jin nods out. Tae-Hyung claims he had a jjajangmyeon craving.

In a flashback, the singer says that ever since they arrived in Bacalar, they’ve been having ramen for dinner every night. After Seo-jinn retires for the evening, Seo-Joon, Yu-mi, and Tae-Hyung devour four individual packages of ramen. The following day, everyone in the group wears white shorts and collared trousers except for Tae-Hyung, who opts for black.

How Many Episodes Will Jinny’s Kitchen Have?

The number of episodes of the upcoming tvN and Prime Video variety programme, Jinny’s Kitchen, has been announced to be 10. One new episode will be available every week. Each new episode will premiere on Fridays till April 2023.

Park Seo-joon and Lee Seo-jin, who previously co-starred on the second season of Youn’s Kitchen, will once again work together in this capacity. Park Seo-buddy joon’s and vocalist for the world’s most successful boy group BTS, V (Kim Tae-hyung), will also be featured on the show. Choi Woo-shik, an actor, will also appear in the show.

Actress Jung Yu-mi, who appeared in both seasons of Youn’s Kitchen, will now join the cast of Jinny’s Kitchen as the lone female participant.

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 4: How to Watch

The above times are when viewers outside of Korea should expect to be able to watch Episode 4 of Jinny’s Kitchen on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video will cost about $15 per month.




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