Sintonia Season 4 Release Date: Get Ready for More Drama and Suspense!

Are you excited for the fourth season of Sintonia? Well, get ready for more drama, action, and suspense, as the release date is expected on July 12th, 2023, which is the same time as season three!

Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the upcoming part of Konrad Dantas’ crime drama.

Sintonia is a Brazilian television series that premiered on the Netflix media streaming platform on August 9, 2019.
The show revolves around three childhood friends from São Paulo, who find themselves on different paths in life but are ultimately connected through their experiences in the city’s vibrant favelas.

The first season had six episodes, and it became an instant hit among viewers.

Christian Malheiros is the star of Sintonia, playing the role of Nando. His portrayal of the character has won the hearts of many fans around the world.

The show has been praised for its gritty portrayal of life in the favelas and its exploration of themes such as friendship, loyalty, and the struggle for survival.

Make sure to mark your calendars for July 12th, 2023, and get ready for the fourth season of Sintonia. Stay tuned for updates and teasers, and don’t miss out on this exciting crime drama!

Who are in Sintonia Season 4 cast list ?

  • Christian Malheiros will reprise his role as Nando, the charismatic and street-smart young man from the favelas of São Paulo.
  • MC Jottapê will return as Doni, the ambitious rapper and former drug dealer.
  • Bruna Mascarenhas will join the cast as Rita, a mysterious woman who catches Nando’s eye.

What is episode release date list ?

4X01-July 12th, 2023 -Episode 1
4X02-July 12th, 2023 -Episode 2
4X03-July 12th, 2023 -Episode 3
4X04-July 12th, 2023 -Episode 4
4X05-July 12th, 2023 -Episode 5
4X06 -July 12th, 2023 -Episode 6

Where Sintonia Season 4 is filmed ?

Sintonia is Brazilian crime teen drama series which filmed at Sao Paulo Brazil the first season was released in August 2019 and fans are eagerly waitng for it upcoming Season 4 .

What are critics review for Sintonia Season 4?

This series started out great with interesting stories and characters. What ruins the series is all the religious nonsense. They should have made a much better path for “Rita”. They clearly show that the church and priest is all about the money, but there is nothing more to it… “Rita” is portrayed as smart, but she still falls for the religious nonsense and that is just wrong
According to IMDB.

What can we expect from Sintonia season 4 ?

Nando has entered the underworld, and his decision has drastically changed his life. With his family already in distress, we can expect more intense situations in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Rita has devoted herself to religious life and is campaigning for City Council.

The future season is anticipated to explore her spiritual journey with exciting developments on the way.

As for Doni, the musician, he’s already at his peak, but more challenges await him.

The next episodes promise to introduce new characters and more thrillers as Doni navigates his way through the music industry.

Excited for Sintonia season 4? Stay tuned for updates on the release date, and get ready to be captivated by the enthralling lives of Nando, Rita, and Doni.

Don’t miss out on this incredible Brazilian drama that has taken the world by storm! Remember to search for “Sintonia Season 4 Release Date” to stay up to date on the latest news.

You can watch season 3 trailer at:

Are you a fan of the Brazilian crime drama “Sintonia”? Get excited because the release date for the fourth season is expected to be July 12th, 2023 – the same time as season three! Christian Malheiros will reprise his role as Nando, while MC Jottapê returns as Doni, and Bruna Mascarenhas joins the cast as Rita.

Don’t miss out on the exciting lives of Nando, Rita, and Doni. Stay tuned for updates on the release date, and mark your calendars for July 12th, 2023. Remember to search for “Sintonia Season 4 Release Date” to stay up to date on the latest news.

Frequently asked question

Q.Who is Doni from Sintonia?

MC JottaPê (a.k.a. João Pedro Carvalho) plays Doni, the member of the lead trio who turned to funk after his teenage years. JottaPê is a 19-year-old Brazilian pop star and actor first known for playing Janjão on the soap opera Chiquititas.

Q.Is Sintonia a real story?

Though Netflix’s new Brazilian series Sintonia isn’t based on a true story, it does explore the realities of growing up in an impoverished neighborhood.


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