Valorant Gekko Agent: Release Date, Abilities, Trailer

Gekko will join the roster of Valorant’s Agents soon. As the sixth episode of the game rolls out, there is growing curiosity about what this new Agent will provide, from their powers to their whole look.

The fact that it is called a Gekko is already interesting. Instead of being mined from databases, the official name for this Agent was actually found within the game’s files.

valorant gekko release date

Although the reason of Gekko’s name remains a mystery, we do know that he has Hispanic roots and comes from a warm climate, maybe South America. Players are also interested in the role of initiator-type Agents in Gekko. This means that Gekko will provide unique abilities to the team, especially in the areas of intel delivery and tactical leadership.

John Goscicki, Gekko’s lead developer, reportedly claimed in a presentation that the character would employ a “eclectic manner of dealing with events.” This indicates that he might be carrying some non-standard weapons and equipment in his utility belt.

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Valorant Gekko Release Date

The new Agent will make his or her debut the following week in Act 2 of Episode 6. The character will be available to North American players on March 7, but those in Europe and Asia will have to wait until March 8 to get their hands on him.

Valorant Gekko Abilities 

Other from that, Gekko has “new ways to inspect corners, reveal places, and plant the spike,” as his abilities put it. The latter is more intriguing because it suggests he might use some kind of unique technique to remotely position the spike.

valorant gekko release date

In the weeks leading up to Gekko’s reveal, Riot Games has dropped hints and teases. These previews depict many creatures thought to have ties to Gekko in the form of drawings and animations. One teaser shows a little lizard-like creature scurrying across a leaf. In a different, we see a group of animals acting like frogs.

Riot Games has released a teaser where we finally get to hear Gekko speak. Gekko’s voice may be heard stating, “Let’s light up this joint” in the teaser, lending validity to the idea that he is a chill and jovial guy. A distinct Spanish accent can be heard in the Agent’s speech, further emphasising their Hispanic ancestry.


Mosh Pit (C)

Toss Mosh like a grenade with EQUIP Mosh and FIRE, or use ALT FIRE to throw Mosh underhand. When touching down, Mosh multiplies over a wide region before exploding.

Wingman (Q)

Hit the fire button to have Wingman advance and search for danger. Wingman will launch a triangle blast at the first adversary it detects if an attack is necessary.

valorant gekko release date

To plant (you must have the spike) or defuse a planted spike, press ALT FIRE while inspecting the site or the spike. While planting or defusing the spike, other players can kill Wingman.

When Wingman’s time runs out, he turns into a glob that can be scooped up and reused after a short cooldown.

Thrash (X)

Connect to Thrash’s mind with FIRE and guide her through dangerous territory. By pressing the button, you can launch yourself ahead and burst, detaining any foes in a short area. As her Thrash charge runs out, she turns back into a sleeping globule, but you can reactivate her by interacting with it. Thrash is reusable, but only once.

valorant gekko release date

Valorant Gekko Trailer



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