Is Women at War Season 2 Confirmed? Women at War Season 2 Release date and Latest Updates

Have you seen Ladies at War, Netflix’s newest historical drama? On January 19th, it was released on the streaming service, and it has already made it into the top 10. If you haven’t begun the series yet, we highly recommend doing so.

Women at War Season 2 Release Date

But, we are aware that many viewers have completed all eight episodes and are wondering if there will be a Season 2. Not at all! All we know and have experienced was discussed. Season 2 of Women at War

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Women at War Season 2 Release Date

There is currently no information known regarding the premiere of Women At War Season 2. Netflix has not yet decided whether to keep the French show going or not. Yet, as it was only ever intended to be a limited series, the likelihood of there being a second season is low. As the events of the first season wrapped up the tale for Women At War, a second season may not be made.

Both viewers and reviewers have come to love the programme, so season two is highly anticipated. Women at War hasn’t been officially renewed by, leaving fans wondering when the second season will air. There is no set launch date, but there is some information that may be gleaned about the show’s future.

Women at War Season 2 Trailer

Is Women at War Season 2 Happening?

There is no confirmation from Netflix as to whether or not there will be a Season 2. The likelihood of a continuation into a second season is quite low. The limited series pricing indicates that this is a one-time only offering of the show. In the end, there will only be one season of the show.

Similarly, the show’s plot concluded in the final episode, therefore there is nothing left to cover in a sequel.

While a second season of Women at War is unlikely, fans may look forward to new works from the show’s leading ladies in the near future.

Women at War Season 2 Release Date

The miniseries Infiltré will star Fleurot (e). The release date for the authority has not yet been declared, however it is anticipated that it will occur in 2023. Lou also appears in a spoof movie titled “Chasse Gardée,” which you may see if you like. It’s anticipated release date is similarly 2023. The future endeavours of both Sofia Essadi and Julie De Bona remain, however, unknown.

Women at War Season 1 Recap

Ladies At War is set in a France devastated by the First World War. Four ladies, each with her own unique history and personality, unexpectedly meet one other during the war. Agnes, a devout hermit, returns home to find her neighbourhood has been turned into a military hospital.

When Suzanne runs away from her troubled background, Marguerite looks for work at a local massage parlour. Caroline has been given the reins to the privately held firm and tasked with finding a new equilibrium. Her brother-in-law opposes her novel ideas for the plant and its employees, though.

Women at War Season 2 Release Date

The owner of a local massage shop, Marcel, meets Marguerite and endeavours to learn the truth about her history. It is revealed that Marguerite is on the lookout for her missing son, Colin. In the meanwhile, Suzanne is the new, highly sceptical nurse for the religious community. Agnes has doubts about her character and background and doesn’t trust her.

The four ladies are honoured for their contributions to the war effort with medals of their own. The lives of the girls are disrupted just as the threat of a German onslaught increases.

When Marguerite tries to repair her bond with her son, Joseph, Suzanne rushes to save his life. While waiting, Agnes discovers some unflattering facts about the church and rushes to report them to the bishop.

Women at War Season 2 Cast

If a second season is approved, any or all of the following actors and characters might return:

Women at War Season 2 Release Date

  • Agnès played by Julie de Bona
  • Suzanne Faure played by Audrey Fleurot
  • Caroline Dewitt
  • Éléonore Dewitt played by Sandrine Bonnaire.
  • Madeleine Dewitt played by Stacy Grewis Belotti
  • General Duvernet played by Tchecky Karyo
  • Juliette played by Eden Ducourant

Women at War Season 2 Plot

Women at War’s first season ended with Madeleine, Caroline, and Éléonore well ensconced in Touraine, far from the conflict. This limited the potential for discovery.

While the first season is set in 1914, the first year of the four-year long fight, the programme might continue to follow how the ladies in the show dwelt and felt during the remainder of the war for the sake of a speculative narrative short disclosing.

The programme is not based on a book or other media, so if a second season were to be made, creator Célile Lorne may opt to focus on a different group of women, a different year of the war, or an other country, though the latter idea seems improbable for a French show.


Women At War has gotten great reviews and ratings. The French show has a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb and 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What Number of Episodes of Women at War Season 2 Will Be There?

Women at War may or may not be renewed for a short season at this time. But, if the programme is revived, we can estimate how many episodes will be produced. If the second season is anything like the first, it will feature at least eight episodes.

This is the bare minimum of episodes from the first season that will be brought up in conversation throughout the second. In addition, viewers may anticipate episodes to be almost the same length as the original run. Episodes in the first season ranged in length from 40 to 50 minutes, with a median runtime of 43 minutes. The structure of Season 2 will be the same as Season 1.

Is The Show Worth Watching?

The remarkable narrative and compelling female protagonists make Women At War a must-see. This French period drama is a must-see for every viewer who like shows about fierce and powerful women. In a brutal conflict fought by males, the series delivers an exciting narrative about the purpose of women’s existence.


Season 1 of Women at War sets the setting for the start of World War II, with German troops marching to the front lines. In the middle of this upheaval, four women’s stories have emerged as they fight for their lives in France.

Each new development further complicates the lives of these women and serves as a reminder that women’s wartime hardships, although perhaps not identical to men’s, are undeniably more significant. The difference here is that women fought with their minds instead of their bodies throughout conflict.

While they may not have been pioneers, they have still paved the way in overcoming terrifying and difficult obstacles.

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