Overgeared Chapter 165 Release Date: Expectations?

Grid has returned to the forge and is hard at work creating a new weapon with his usual accuracy and resolve. He pushes against conventional wisdom in his field. Soon enough, though, Grid meets his end at the hands of a vampire, an enemy he has faced before.

Grid has no choice but to rely on the system that has aided him in the past when his life is on the line. And let us hope he emerges from this conflict unhurt. What should he do next? Chapter 165 of Overgeared will be released on the date and summarised below.

The grid must be watchful and protective the next time he travels to Overgeared. Braham will stop at nothing in his pursuit of his immortal spirit. But so far Pagma’s natural defences have been enough to fend off Braham’s assault. Therefore, keep reading to find out what happens next!

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Overgeared Chapter 165 Release Date

In a week, we’ll pick up where we left off in Overgeared: Chapter 165. Readers can expect to see the new section on February 28, 2022. The full series is currently available on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. The anticipated launch date remains the same. Visit this page again soon for further updates.

Overgeared Chapter 165 Storyline: What Will Happen Next?

In Chapter 165 of Overgeared, Grid makes a deal with an unknown guest. Grid isn’t a particularly strong person, but his ability to create weapons on the spot has kept him safe on more than one occasion. Someone in need of the expertise of a skilled artisan would, of course, seek him out. In the meantime, Braham is resolved to find his original corpse and reanimate himself.

Many people have been hurt by this unfortunate figure’s experiments, and he himself has been the victim of betrayal and deceit. But he is aware of wrongdoing on his part and hopes to make peace with Grid, his former BFF’s replacement. Despite his terrible past, the vampire is attempting to make peace with his current actions.

Overgeared Chapter 164 Recap

Previously on Overgeared, Grid was looking forward to casting the legendary spell that Braham had promised him. Soon, though, he found himself at the vampire’s disposal for his own nefarious, homicidal schemes. To the point of near death, Braham took command of his physical form.

Yet just in the nick of time, the system kicked in and saved his life.

After what Grid went through, he became more sceptical. He suddenly realised that his natural honesty would be his undoing. He learned more about the dangers he faced as a result of Braham’s betrayal.

Grid examined the weak spell the vampire had given him, and he tasted the bitterness of betrayal on his tongue. The spell was too basic to be of any use to him, and it had no impact on his abilities. Grid was told by a guild member about this weakness, but he decided to test out the ability nevertheless.

Almost instantly, he saw that his newly acquired skill was far beyond the basic level. In reality, it was only a rip-off of a brand with a similar sound. Despite his initial dissatisfaction, Grid eventually realised he should consider himself fortunate to have received any spell at all. Now on, he would be more cautious and watchful.

Where Can You Read This Manhwa Legally?

All of the credit for the manga should go to the mangaka, so we only recommend the official manga series. Overgeared, the newest series of the popular Manhwa, can be read for free on webtoon.

Once you read this Manhwa, you’ll understand why it’s so popular.

The ongoing Manhwa series Overgeared has swiftly amassed a significant fan base that anticipate each new chapter with great anticipation. The odd story, which follows Shin Youngwoo on his travels, has garnered high praise for the manhwa series, which is also praised for its art.

Since the beginning, Overgeared’s Manhwa chapters have been well-received by fans, who have been begging for an anime adaptation. The number of people who read the popular Manhwa series Overgeared steadily increases as more volumes are released.


Grid has returned to the forge to manufacture a new weapon, but he is quickly killed by a vampire while working on his creation. As the grid returns to Overgeared, he must exercise extreme caution because Braham is intent on stealing his soul.

Pagma has successfully repelled Braham’s attacks so far because to his formidable natural defences. The next chapter of Overgeared will be available on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage on February 28, 2022. Throughout his travels and exploits, Shin Youngwoo is chronicled in the popular Manhwa series Overgeared.

To that end, I’ve included a link below to the Overgeared wiki where you should be able to find out all the details you require.

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