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Aggretsuko Season 6 Release Date: Cast and Character List for the Aggretsuko TV Series


If there’s one thing to take away from Aggretsuko Season 6, it’s that it’s never too late to start over. The anime’s protagonist, Retsuko, first emerged while she was stuck in a boring job and looking to spice things up.

With listening to heavy metal, she was able to escape her daily routine and express herself. Since then, she has had a rather unregular life. Retsuko matured and developed as a person as the series progressed. Retsuko finally makes up her mind to pursue politics at the end of Season 5.

But we won’t say whether or not this person rises to political power. I can say with certainty that you have not seen the last of Retsuko. What the future holds for the lovable red panda, if we ever have the chance to find out.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the upcoming sixth season of Aggretsuko.

Aggretsuko Season 6 Release Date

Prior to Netflix acquiring her, Aggretsuko was only another character in Sanrio’s extensive catalogue. Now, thanks to Netflix, everyone’s favourite cartoon panda is a red panda. It was conceived in a world where animals might stand in for humans and live out a lifestyle not too dissimilar from our own.

Workers go to the office, feel emotions, and push for the satisfaction of their own demands.

Because of Retsuko’s trouble with verbalization on the job, we’ve all come to feel sympathy for her.

Aggretsuko is currently a very well-liked anime series. As Season 5 hits shelves, fans everywhere are wondering: Will Aggretsuko be back for Season 6? That’s not the case at all. Aggretsuko ends with its fifth and final season. Too bad there were only 5 seasons of this great show. Netflix has stated that season 5 is the last, despite widespread speculation to the contrary.

Aggretsuko Series Cast And Character Guide

Rarecho has created a fascinating series that uses animal faces and human emotions to depict the problems we encounter in the workplace. This comedic anime has been a huge success because of the talented ensemble cast.

Kaolip and Rarecho provide the aggressive red panda Retsuko’s Japanese voice acting. English dub voice actors Erica Mendezand Jamison Boaz. The protagonist, Retsuko, is a typical office worker in her twenties who experiences low self-esteem but eventually overcomes her problems.

When it comes to the main characters of this anime, Haida is second only to the main protagonist. Hyena Haida, played by Shingo Kato in the Japanese dub and Ben Diskin in the English one, is one of Retsuko’s employees.

Retsuko is a fan of death metal, and Haida listens to punk. Despite many possibilities, he hasn’t told Retsuko how he feels about her yet. A large number of other characters, including Director Gori, Fenneko, Director Ton, Tsunoda, and many more, also contribute to Aggretsuko’s success.

Why is Season 5 of Aggretsuko the Series Finale?

In the anime and manga series Aggretsuko, the red panda protagonist named Retsuko has two careers: by day, she is an accountant, and by night, she is a death metal vocalist. She’s not doing it to make money or find a solution to anything; she’s simply really, really angry and wants to let it out. The continuous insults and criticism that Retsuko takes from her superiors and coworkers only fuel her rage. She takes a stroll to a local karaoke bar to vent her ire.

Season 5 opens with Retsuko and Haida quitting their jobs of obvious dissatisfaction. The punk music scene in Haida is thriving, and Retsuko’s self-esteem issues are gradually easing. This season of Aggretsuko answers the series’ central question: will Retsuko and Haida overcome their shyness and admit their feelings for one another?

The ending looks like it was carefully plotted. They want to do anything they can to make sure Retsuko succeeds. As of yet, it is unclear why the show would be cancelled after only five seasons. We don’t understand how they intend to satisfy such a large fanbase with the series’ conclusion.

Where can I watch Aggretsuko?

You can watch Aggretsuko in its entirety on Netflix. Each episode of the TV show clocks in at a brief 18 minutes, making it perfect for marathon viewing.

The final episode of Aggretsuko’s fifth season is a half-hour long, and the total runtime for the season is 10. You should renew your Netflix subscriptions now that Aggretsuko can only be seen on their service.


You can always start over, as the anime series Aggretsuko shows us. Retsuko, our protagonist, first appeared when she was locked in a dead-end job and found solace in the music of heavy metal.

Retsuko’s character development over time inspired her to run for office. Aggretsuko has been cancelled after season 5, and Netflix has announced that this is the final season. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the upcoming sixth season of Aggretsuko.

I’m hoping this “Aggretsuko Season 6 Release Date” article has everything you need to know.

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