Rapper Flipset Fred’s Death: Know the Reason

New Orleans’s renowned rapper and Bounce music producer Flipset Fred passed away earlier this week. Learn how Flipset Fred died, what happened to him, and the cause of his demise by continuing to read the text below.

Fred was an exceptionally talented music producer in the region. Several web-based rumors concerning his untimely demise have prompted the community to express its sorrow. In this informative post and obituary for Flipset Fred, we will address everyone.

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Who Was Flipset Fred?

Rapper Flipset Fred’s Death

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Flipset Fred, whose real name was Fredrick Palmer, was an American rapper, producer, and DJ. His birthplace was New Orleans, Louisiana. Together with Ino Robert, he oversaw the label Flipset Music Group, which specialized in the release of bounce music.

Fred received his diploma from Priestly Charter. Throughout his brief career, he collaborated with notable figures such as Big Freedia, Jo Jackson, Baby Erin, and Magnolia Shorty. Most recently, he performed alongside S-8ighty, Roc-B, and Flystar over MLK weekend.

The performers were witnessed live on Sunday, January 15th, just one day before the death of the exceptionally skilled entertainer.

Regarding his personal life, Fred was married to Dreka, an Instagram makeup artist, and model. His wife and three daughters, Fendi, Faith, and Fazio survive him.

What is the Cause of Death for Rapper Flipset Fred?

Following his death on January 16, 2023, the family and friends of the deceased DJ and rapper Flipset Fred are in mourning.

Fred, a nationally recognized DJ, music producer, and rapper, reportedly passed away peacefully in his sleep on January 16. It is unknown what caused Flipset Fred’s death.

At the time of publication, neither the family nor the authorities had announced the cause of death. It was suspected, but not proven, that drug overdose was the cause of death.

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How Did Flipset Fred Die?

Rapper Flipset Fred’s Death

The musician from New Orleans, Louisiana, apparently passed away in his sleep. Monday morning, when the Priestley Charter High School graduate did not awaken, he was pronounced dead.

According to a close friend, contrary to widespread rumors that the beloved rapper was shot and killed, Flipset Fred died in his sleep.

“Man To paraphrase what shine photos nola504 wrote: “Just got the news My I can’t put into words how I feel but FlipSet Fred was not only one of the most talented DJs and producers, but he was also very down to earth. I remember taking a picture of him when I first started in the industry, and he told me, “Jshine, you’re going to go so far, and this is just the beginning of your career.”

Online memorials for Flipset Fred Appear

Since the news of Fred’s passing went viral, fans and friends have been paying social media tributes to the late music producer and rapper.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Who Confirmed the Death of Flipset Fred?

Flipset Following online rumors of Fred’s death, his brother Troy Palmer announced the awful news on Instagram on the 17th of January. According to Troy, “My love for you, Frederick, will never end. I hope that Fred will see this. Please, brother, call me brother and wake up.

Was Fred, the Flipset Rapper, Married?

Fred is survived by his three daughters, Faith, Fendi, and Fazio, as well as Dreka, a well-known Instagram model and cosmetics artist who is Fazio’s mother.


Fred, real name Fredrick Palmer, was an American rapper, producer, and DJ. The musician from New Orleans, Louisiana, apparently passed away in his sleep. It is unknown what caused Flipset Fred’s death – neither the family nor the authorities have announced the cause.