Who is Andrew Taggart Dating? Complete Information

In search of The One! Since Andrew “Drew” Taggart and Alexander “Alex” Pall became famous in 2012 as The Chainsmokers, the latter’s romantic life has been the subject of much speculation.

When the Maine native’s groupmate revealed his separation from Haley Rowe in September 2016, news of their romance quickly went viral. During an episode of the Australian podcast “Mike E & Emma,” Pall said, “Drew actually just split up with his girlfriend, like, two days ago.” I’m familiar with his girlfriend.

Having gotten to know her well, I can attest to the fact that she is fantastic and that he truly adores her. The alumnus of New York University said that Taggart felt “very bad about the fact that we’re always away” because of how busy he was.

During the next summer, it appeared as though they reconciled after Pall’s admission that he had longed for their reunion. In 2017, Rowe and Taggart’s relationship was revealed by various social media images.

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Who is Andrew Taggart?

American DJ Andrew Taggart rose to recognition as one half of the successful DJ combo “The Chainsmokers,” together with Alex Pall. They got together and played around with remixes of independent songs. After Rhett left “The Chainsmokers,” Andrew quickly joined as a replacement.

When the American band Timeflies came to New York, the duo opened for them for the first time. In the end, it was their hit tune “#Selfie” that propelled them to fame. Their second smash hit, “Roses,” went multiplatinum in the United States. Soon after, their first extended play, titled “Bouquet,” was released.

 Who is Andrew Taggart dating?

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Their first studio album, “Memories…Do Not Open,” went to the top of the Billboard 200 chart and was certified platinum. The Grammy for Best Dance Recording went to them for their hit “Don’t Let Me Down.” Taggart and “Instagram” star Haley Rowe were living together.

Their romance reached a snag, however, after he had a steamy performance with singer Halsey at the “MTV Video Music Awards.” They split up, and he went on to date model Christine Burke. He appears to be single at the moment.

Andrew Taggart’s Early Life

  • Andrew’s date of birth is 1/31/1989 and he was born in Portland, Maine. Both his mother and his father worked outside the home; she taught, while he sold prosthetics. To further his singing career, he ultimately relocated to Los Angeles.
  • He attended “Syracuse University” in New York to major in the music business. His internship in music industry management was with “Interscope Records” during this time.
  • At 15, while living in Argentina, he began listening to EDM. He first heard David Guetta and “Daft Punk” at that venue.
  • In short order, he began recording his music and posting it on the website ‘SoundCloud.’
  • After he met Alex Pall in 2012, he began reworking independent bands’ songs. His performance caught the attention of ‘The Chainsmokers’ manager Adam Alpert.
  • So, Andrew joined the duo in place of Rhett Bixler, who left. Alex and Andrew quickly became known as “The Chainsmokers.”

Drew Taggart Dating History

Haley Rowe

Who is Andrew Taggart dating?

Instagram star and model Rowe dated Taggart for the first time in 2016, but their breakup was confirmed by Taggart’s bandmate Pall on a podcast in September of that year.
Drew just broke up with his girlfriend about two days ago, he said on Mike E & Emma, before calling Rowe “awesome.”
Pall attributed the breakup to The Chainsmokers’ “hectic” schedule and the duo’s extensive travel.

Rowe and Taggart briefly reunited the following year, but they broke up again in October 2017.

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Meredith Mickelson

In January of 2018, Taggart was seen walking hand-in-hand with model Mickelson in New York City, and the two were later spotted on each other’s social media pages.
Neither party discussed their relationship publicly.

Chantel Jeffries

Who is Andrew Taggart dating?

Taggart and Jeffries were first seen together at a Super Bowl party in Miami, Florida, in February of 2020.In July of 2020, Jeffries posted two images to Instagram of her and Taggart in a loving embrace, officially confirming their relationship.
Taggart’s representative told People magazine in April 2021 that the two “broke up a month ago peacefully and remain friends” after their March 2021 breakup.

Eve Jobs

Who is Andrew Taggart dating?

There were rumours that Taggart was seeing Eve Jobs, the youngest daughter of Steve Jobs, in September 2022.
Us Weekly stated in January 2023 based on a source’s statements that the couple’s brief romance had ended just before the new year “There was no bad blood whatsoever in Drew and Eve’s split.

They hang around and are totally comfortable with going their separate ways as friends.”


Taggart and Pall admitted that they’ve had threesomes during their time in The Chainsmokers during an appearance on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast in January 2023.

Pall claimed the trysts that occurred throughout the tour were “never planned,” calling them instead “strange” events.

Selena Gomez

Who is Andrew Taggart dating?

Taggart’s breakup with Jobs has led to rumours that he is seeing Gomez, the subject of the documentary My Mind and Me from 2022.

Gomez, who owns the beauty line Rare as well, was last linked to producer Andrea Lervolino in August 2022 when the two were spotted in Italy.

Gomez and Taggart’s reps have been reached out to by Newsweek.

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Andrew Taggart is one half of the successful DJ combo “The Chainsmokers”. The Maine native’s groupmate revealed his separation from Haley Rowe in September 2016. During the next summer, it appeared as though they reconciled after Pall’s admission that he had longed for their reunion. He recently broke up with his girlfriend, model and Instagram star Haley Rowe. In January of 2018, he was seen walking hand-in-hand with model Meredith Mickelson.