Ragnarok Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Netflix has confirmed the third season of Ragnarok, but we have bad news: it will be the final season.

The combination of Skam and Thor sounds like a definite blockbuster, yet the popularity of Netflix’s Ragnarok still surprised some. This continued in the second season, so it’s not surprising that they’re returning for a third time.

But what can we anticipate from the third season of Ragnarok? In what will be the final season, we will use Thor’s hammer to cut through the cacophony and reveal what’s actually in store for Magne and his dedicated followers.

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Who is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok is a Netflix original Norwegian fantasy drama that reinterprets elements of Norse mythology. Edda, a made-up town in the Norwegian province of Hordaland, is experiencing the effects of global warming and pollution from the Jutul family’s companies.

There are four Jötunn (supernatural beings) who go by the name “Jutuls,” but in reality, they are only pretending to be a normal family.  Magne, a teenage boy, challenges them after discovering that he is the Norse god Thor, the god of thunder.

After his friend’s death under suspicious circumstances, he decides to take action against those who are ruining the community. In Season 2, he is joined by more actors playing other Norse deities.

Ragnarok Season 3

Season one debuted in 2020, while season two premiered in 2021. Aside from Home for Christmas and Lilyhammer, this is Netflix’s third Norwegian-language TV series. The Danish production company SAM Productions is responsible for creating the show.

Actor Herman Tmmeraas, who plays Fjor, has announced that a third and final season will premiere in November 2021.

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Ragnarok season 3 potential release date: When will it air?

As previously stated, Ragnarok has been renewed for a third season, meaning that the cliffhanger finale will eventually be resolved. However, we are currently awaiting a release date confirmation from Netflix.
The cast of the programme also turned to YouTube to announce the good news “I have some great news for you, lovely folks. Are you all set? We have been confirmed for a third season.”

However, our Norse family also struck a crushing blow by announcing that season three will be the last. This third season of Laurits will be the final season, according to actor Jonas Strand Gravli, thus the mourning process must begin.

As revealed by Ragnarok’s official Netflix Instagram page in April 2022, production has already begun.

Do not anticipate further episodes shortly. The production of the third and last instalment has just begun, so fans will be lucky to see it before the end of 2022 or the beginning of the following year.

The first season premiered in January 2020, followed by the second instalment in May 2021, almost 18 months later. Although COVID-related delays may have contributed to the protracted gap, Netflix shows often resurface after at least one year.

When the much-anticipated return of Ragnarok occurs, season three will likely consist of six episodes, much like the previous two seasons.

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Ragnarok season 3 plot: What will happen?

Ragnarok Season 3

The second season of Ragnarok continued Magne’s battle against Jutul Industries and the demonic giants who control the corporation from the season one finale.

Unfortunately, earlier this season, everyone’s favourite reincarnated deity lost his abilities. And it wasn’t until he crafted Mjolnir, Thor’s renowned hammer, that Magne truly mastered his abilities.

Magne rained righteous lightning and thunder on Fjor and Ran’s automobile in the season two finale. Unfortunately, the two Jutuls survived to fight another day (season three, basically).
As if that wasn’t emotional enough for you, the season two finale concluded with Laurits kissing his young Jormungandr. No, it is not as filthy as it sounds; yet, it is weird. Now that the World Serpent has been unleashed in the Norwegian fjords, Laurits is a significant factor in the upcoming fight.

Not only will season three continue to focus on Magne’s conflict with the Jutuls, but Laurits’ ancestry will also play a significant part going forward. Will he take the side of the gods or the titans? Or perhaps even no one? The answer to this question could bring about the end of the world as foretold in ancient Norse legends.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the actor who portrays Fjor Jutul, Herman Tmmerass, discussed his aspirations for his character if a third season is produced. “I’ve always found villains to be the most intriguing characters,” he stated.

“I always find the villains to be the most interesting characters or the ones that can’t make up their minds. Therefore, I hope that I will be able to become the devil in season three, if possible. Please allow me to be cruel, dark, tormented, and evil. Allow me to advance to the next stage in season three.”

Meanwhile, Jonas Strand Gravli spoke with Darkus about his part as Laurits, who became the villain Loki in the second season and is likely to become even nastier if a third instalment is produced.

“Many people know a lot about Loki because of Marvel, and they’ve seen this trickster, mischievous character, but you never get to see how and why he becomes the villain, so I wanted to explain why he becomes cruel,” he stated.

“I believe it was excellent to examine these emotions and how he is upset. Because he does not feel a part of anyone and everyone turns their backs on him, he must in some ways become a new person.”

Speculation on the Third Season of Ragnarok

We have yet to receive any official storyline details for Ragnarok season 3, but given that it is the final season and that Ragnarok signifies a tremendous battle leading to the death of many gods, we may anticipate some rather definitive action.

Ragnarok Season 3

This season on Ragnarok, Laurits has been experimenting with the dark side, further blurring the distinctions between good and evil (which makes sense, given he is the modern version of Loki, god of mischief). Similarly, it appeared in the season 2 finale that Saxa had changed her allegiance from the Jutul to Magne.

Because Laurits felt betrayed by Magne, he released the Jörmungandr, a world snake capable of slaying Thor, in the climactic battle. Magne will have his hands full in the third season between the villainous Jutul family, Laurits, and his new lethal pet.

Fortunately, if Norse mythology is any indication, he will have the support of a plethora of fellow gods introduced in Season 2.

Speculation on Ragnarok’s Third-season Trailer

A promotional video for Ragnarok’s upcoming third season has not yet been released. The film is still in production, so we may have to wait a bit before we see a trailer.

However, a trailer is expected to be released within the next several months.

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Ragnarok has been renewed for a third season. The cliffhanger finale will eventually be resolved. However, we are awaiting a release date confirmation from Netflix. Season one debuted in 2020, while season two premiered in 2021. This third season of Laurits will be the final season, according to producers.

Production for season three has already begun. It will likely consist of six episodes, much like the previous two seasons. The World Serpent has been unleashed in the Norwegian fjords. Will Laurits take the side of the gods or the titans? Laurits has been experimenting with the dark side this season. Magne will have his hands full between the Jutul family and his new lethal pet, Jörmungandr.