Who is Lana Rhoades Dating Now?

Lana Rhoades is an American podcaster, social media star, and actress who used to work in pornographic movies. She has been in magazines like Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy over the course of her career.

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Who is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades, born Amara Maple, is a 25-year-old former adult film actress and Chicago, Illinois, influencer.

Although she no longer stars in pornographic films and has switched to OnlyFans, she no longer promotes her photo-sharing platform on her social media profiles.

She also appears on the 3 Girls 1 Kitchen podcast (TG1K) alongside Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams, two other influencers. The trio routinely speaks with celebrities and discusses the highs and lows of dating, sex, and online culture.

Who is Lana Rhoades Dating Now?

Rhoades has openly denounced the porn industry and stated that her old pornographic movies should be destroyed. The celebrity has also modelled for Playboy and earlier disclosed some of the worst adult film sequences to shoot.

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Who Does Lana Rhoades Date?

Despite having such a large fan base, Lana Rhoades has recently kept her personal life quiet. However, it appears that Rhoades is currently unmarried and parenting the child on her own.

Mike Majdak, a YouTuber and writer, is her most recent lover. After meeting through Logan Paul in January 2020, the couple reportedly had an on-again, off-again relationship during their year together.

Who is Lana Rhoades Dating Now?

Rhoades, the host of the podcast “3 Girls 1 Kitchen,” has thrown hints regarding her current relationship status, but no specific information is available. She was previously associated with Majlak, the co-founder and co-host of the ‘Impaulsive’ podcast. Midway through January 2020, the couple began dating and experienced a variety of ups and downs in their brief relationship.

They initially broke up after Majlak was allegedly embroiled in a controversy with TikTok influencer Ava Louise, but they later reunited. However, the reconciliation did not last long, and they eventually parted ways. Rhoades said on her Instagram Story in February 2021, “The reason Mike is not on my Instagram is because we are not together; I am single. We have separated and will not reunite at this time. Now leave me alone regarding this.”

Majlak further acknowledged the separation by stating, “My relationship has ended. I am no longer together with Lana. We had a disagreement. It is unlike any other split we’ve ever encountered. We are not going to converse. I’ve blocked her on all of my social media platforms. We are not conversing,” followed by, “I have nothing terrible to say about her.” I am infatuated with her. She is really wonderful. She’s been awesome, and I hope we can continue to be friends and do stuff together in the future.

However, their narrative took an unexpected turn in June 2021 when the Playboy model announced she is pregnant. Many began to speculate that Majlak was the father of the child at the time. However, the social media star clarified the situation by stating, “About a few months ago, I ended my relationship with the absolutely wonderful, nice, lovely, great, pregnant [Lana].

During this period, I began dating other individuals. She also began a romantic relationship during this time. We stayed friends and continued to communicate. The outcome of her encounters with this new individual was a loaf of bread in the oven.”

In June of the same year, Rhoades reportedly said she had a date with a Brooklyn Nets player who is a Libra. Fans speculated that the individual was NBA player Kevin Durant, who is the lone Libra on his squad.

However, the former pornstar claimed the date was “boring.” She stated, “The guy who invited me also invited one of the other girls, and this is not the first time this has happened to me when I’ve been invited on a date and a backup option has been invited.” She continued, “We ended up leaving dinner, not because of the situation because at that time, you’re already friendzoned, I don’t care who you’re talking to, the date was so dull…”

Who is Lana Rhoades Dating Now?

In a recent Facebook post, she included a photo of herself with her child and the author, suggesting that Rhoades and Majlak’s convoluted narrative has not yet concluded. She titled the caption “Milo Meets His Dad – The Night Shift” WATCH: https://youtu.be/U1gJg9N-p 8″ drew a great deal of discussion.

A Facebook user stated, “I believed it to be Kevin D.” Another remarked, “Congratulations on becoming a father! I hope you say farewell to your child with Lana, who is a really special woman.” “This guy Mike is the most spineless man I’ve ever encountered,” said the third individual.

Personal Life

Rhoades’s son was born at the beginning of 2022. Rhoades says that the father of the child is an NBA player who told her to “go to hell” when she told him she was expecting.

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Who is the Father of the Child of Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades has not stated who the father of her child is, but her fans have their own beliefs on who Milo’s father could be.

Rhoades discussed a “boring date” she had in June 2021 on the 2G1K podcast. She did not identify her date, but offered subtle indications, such as the Libra zodiac sign.

This caused her admirers to conclude that her date must have been Kevin Durant, the lone Libra on the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Distractify, Rhoades described the date as “boring,” and Duran had apparently invited a second woman. Since Rhoades had been “friendzoned,” a second date did not seem likely.

Rhoades disclosed her pregnancy at the same time rumours circulated that the two were dating, leading to more speculation that Duran was the father.

To add gasoline to the fire, her ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak confessed on a recent podcast with Logan Paul that he had “an idea that it [her child] was going to come out looking a bit differently than I do” and was surprised that the child appears “as white as driven snow, like a macadamia nut.”

Majlak has had to deal with rumours that he is the father of Rhoades’ baby. He told Paul on their Impaulsive podcast that he is not the father “All the little kids on Tiktok were saying, “It could be Mike Majlak’s kid, and he’s going to get picked on in high school.” They’re making videos again, and I’m right back in the middle of it.”

Who is Lana Rhoades Dating Now?

Rhoades has put an end to the talk that her baby’s father was “random,” despite all the talk. She recently told trolls on Twitter: “Random wasn’t mentioned at all. LOL, you guys need to stop assuming things. Could be a sperm donor, my ex-husband, a new boyfriend, or just a hookup—you’ll never know.”

I guess we’ll never find out.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Who is Lana Rhoades Now Dating?

Lana Rhodes’s dating history is unknown.

Who is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades is an actress and model.


Lana Rhoades is an American podcaster, social media star, and former adult film actress. She has appeared in Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy over the course of her career. The 25-year-old also hosts the podcast “3 Girls 1 Kitchen”. The Playboy model revealed she is pregnant in June. She also said she had a date with a Brooklyn Nets player who is a Libra.

The author of the novel “Milo Meets His Dad” has become a father for the first time. Lana Rhoades has not stated who the father of her child is. Her fans have their own beliefs on who Milo’s father could be. Ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak has had to deal with rumours that he is the baby’s father.