Cast of a Royal Runaway Romance: Is It Worth to Watch?

The launch of yet another royal romance, titled “Hallmark’s A Royal Runaway Romance,” is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, April 9 at 8/7c on the channel.

In the midst of Princess Amelia of Bundbury’s preparations to ascend to the throne of Bunbury, she discovers that she has developed feelings for Wes, the American painter who has been commissioned to create her royal portrait.

After Wes is rejected by the Queen as a potential partner for Amelia, the artist travels back to his hometown in Chicago.

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Princess Amelia, Portrayed Here by Philippa Northeast


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Philippa Northeast is an Australian actress who was born in Melbourne. In A Royal Runaway Romance, she plays the character of Princess Amelia.

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It’s possible that many people would recognize her from her role as the title character in the romantic comedy series Standing Up For Sunny, which aired from 2013 to 2017.

She has also made guest appearances on a number of popular television programs, including Bondi Slayer and Home and Away.

Grady Beck is Portrayed Here by Brant Daugherty.

Brant Daugherty, who will play Grady Beck in the next Hallmark movie, has appeared in a variety of well-known films and television episodes in the past, such as Army Wives, The Starving Games, Fifty Shades Freed, and Dear White People. The Hallmark movie will be released later this year.

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However, the part of Noel Kahn in the American teen murder drama Pretty Little Liars is the one that has brought him the greatest recognition. His most recent appearance was in the film The Baker’s Son, which was released in 2021.
Very recently, in addition to his role as Grady in A Royal Runaway Romance, the actor took on the responsibilities of a father with his wife Kim Daugherty, and the couple even celebrated their son’s first birthday on March 24. This is in addition to his role as Grady, which he played in A Royal Runaway Romance.

Andre Anthony Portraying the Role of Wes Riverton

Another well-known actor in the cast is Andre Anthony, who appears in A Royal Runaway Romance playing the role of Wes Riverton.

The actor has appeared on television in a variety of roles, including those of Undercover Cheerleader, Reginald the Vampire, and Riverdale, among others.

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Andre received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California, where he studied theatre with a focus on directing and cinematic arts with a secondary concentration.

After spending the majority of his time performing on stage throughout his school years, the Canadian-Lebanese artist began his career as a leading actor in television and film productions in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

More Information About the Actors in the Hallmark Movie

Sarah Jane Redmond assuming the role of Ava

  • In the role of Andreas, Vincent Gale
  • Camille, played by Khamisa Wilsher


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  • Catherine Barroll stars as Paula in the role.
  • Robert Wisden as Pat
  • Rosemary is played by BJ Harrison.
  • Arnie, played by Terence Kelly
  • Becca is played by Raine Mateo.
  • As a Participant in the Festival, Nicole Major
  • Monique Helbig as Reporter
  • Sabrina Prada as Sandy
  • As the Owner of the Land, Marc Gaudet
  • TJ Oberholzer as Art Buyer

Royal Runaway Romance Plot

Just before she ascends to the throne of her mother’s kingdom, Princess Amelia finds herself falling in love with an American painter named Wes. Because of her mother’s disrespect for the importance of the painter’s bond with her daughter, the painter will be forced to depart.

Amelia then makes preparations to embark on a journey to the United States. However, her intentions are derailed when the two lovers are unable to meet since she arrives at the Beverly Hills home of her uncle Andreas, which is located many miles away from Wes.

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In addition to this, which further complicates the situation, the Queen is adamant that she travels with her. To make it even more difficult for Amelia, she takes away her passport, rendering it impossible for her to board a flight to Chicago.
Amelia discovers a method to travel by road despite the fact that nothing seems to be working in her favor. The only catch is that she has to travel with Grady, who serves as her uncle’s bodyguard. On the other hand, despite appearances, Grady is not as nervous as he seems to be.

Cast of a Royal Runaway Romance

During the course of the trip, Amelia and Grady get more comfortable with one another and realize that they share many similarities. Where will their trip take them in the end?

When it comes to romance and road journeys, the two will learn that the journey itself and the companion you have along for the ride are far more significant than the final destination.