Jasmina and Michael Still Together: They Get Married or Not?

“Married at First Sight,” often known as “MAFS,” is a reality show that challenges conventional wisdom about romantic partnerships.

To help those who are interested in tying the knot but haven’t found the right person, this service will match you with other people who share your values and goals in life.

Couples who have already been chosen by the show’s experts are married on the very first day of filming. The newlyweds start living together and getting to know each other after the wedding.

The series’ premise promises interminable drama, and it delivers. Not everyone like the idea of getting legally married on national television to someone they hardly know. While some relationships end, countless others find fulfillment.

During season 14, Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency experienced their own set of problems. Fans were left wondering what became of them once the cameras stopped rolling because their story was so dramatic. Could they still be a couple? We have the solutions to your problems, fortunately.

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The Adventures of Jasmina and Michael, Who Got Married on the Spot

To help her find a life partner, Jasmina Outar competed in the fourteenth season of the reality series. The 29-year-old ECE was partnered with 28-year-old Michael Morency, a personal trainer. The day after the Boston residents met and hit it off, they tied the knot in a lovely ceremony.

Their married life did not go as well as they had imagined, though. Already on their honeymoon, they began to show signs of relationship trouble with constant bickering and poor communication.

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Many times, viewers watched Michael lose his temper, and Jasmina often voiced her displeasure that Michael talked at her instead of with her. They had a lot of problems communicating with one another, and it only became worse over time.

After learning that Michael had lied to her about having female housemates, Jasmina was hesitant to trust him again. A lack of intimacy was another source of worry for the young bride.

Nonetheless, Jasmina and Michael tried harder than most couples who have been on the hit reality show to save their marriage.

Jasmina and Michael Still Together

By taking the counsel of the experts, the two got even closer to one another. They went so far as to visit each other’s childhood homes in an effort to learn more about each other.

Jasmina and Michael quickly grew close to one another and felt at ease in their cordial friendship. They felt something for each other, but they weren’t sure if it was romantic.

Despite their mutual respect, they rarely displayed the typical signs of attachment between spouses. Both partners had similar concerns about the future of their marriage.

On Decision Day, Jasmina and Michael chose to give their marriage a second opportunity by staying together and seeing how things pan out in practice.

Several couples on the reality show have been affected, for better or worse, by the decision to stop performing for the cameras and start living normal lives. Was Jasmina’s and Michael’s life like when they weren’t in the spotlight?

Michael Morency and Jasmina Outar Still Have a Marriage?

Michael Morency and Jasmina Outar are not still wed to one another. On the 14th season reunion episode, the pair broke the news and explained their decision-making process. The absence of closeness between the two, despite their desire to work on their relationship, was something they could not ignore.

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Jasmina and Michael recounted their story on the show, saying that after their initial dispute, they largely went a month without speaking to one another. This was possibly the first sign of their potential marital incompatibility.

Jasmina said she was honest with Michael about her love for him and their relationship, and that she was extremely open about her experience. She had admitted to her then-husband that she did not know him well enough on Decision Day.

The two argued and concluded that perhaps splitting up might be the best course for them when season 14’s filming was finished. Just about two weeks after Decision Day, they parted ways.

Jasmina and Michael Still Together

Since the awkwardness between Jasmina and Michael was a hot topic on social media, viewers of the show are not overly surprised by their choice. Although such divisions frequently result in amusing and dramatic circumstances, Jasmina and Michael seem to get along well.

Both of them were single at the time of the reunion episode’s filming, however, Michael may or may not have had a crush on someone. Regardless of the conclusion, we are happy that Jasmina and Michael were able to settle their differences amicably and continue living happy life.