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Jake and Rae Still Together: Reason Behind There Breakup?

In the Last Episode, Rae and Jake Appear to Become Together.

Just so you know, Jake and Rae both brought their significant others on the show for a compatibility test. And while Rae was seeing Zay Wilson, Jake was seeing April Marie. They broke up and dated other individuals to see if they were ready for marriage.

It doesn’t take long for Jake and Rae to realize they’re a good match, and so they decide to live together for three weeks as a “trial marriage,” discussing their relationship and future plans during that time.

Jake discusses their closeness in detail with Us Weekly. “In all of this, Rae and I tried to maintain a respectful demeanor.

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Even though it may have seemed so, we did not engage in sexual activity. It was just kissing between the two of us. For the first five days of the show, I slept in a different bed “.he made the following remark.

Their romance looks to be flourishing to the extent that they choose to put money into one another rather than their previous partnerships.

Jake and Rae Still Together

Both Jake and April end their relationships with their former partners in the season finale, with Jake rejecting April’s marriage proposal.

Rae and Jake are reunited. Jake proposes to Rae by giving her a plane ticket to any destination in the world in lieu of a ring.

Examining Rae and Jake’s “Ultimatum” Trip

Both Rae and Jake’s relationships were at a crossroads when they appeared on the first season of The Ultimatum; Jake made it clear that April had “dragged” him onto the show, and Rae was trying to determine if her boyfriend Zay was “the one.”

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Out of everyone on the show, Rae and Jake chose each other to spend three weeks in a trial marriage because they seemed to click the most.

Though Jake and Rae’s parents met on the show, April and Jake were able to make their relationship work again after they reunited with their original partners.

After Breaking Up With Their Previous Relationships, Rae and Jake

Rae and Zay’s breakup was finalized during The Ultimatum, and Rae had dinner with Jake, who was at the time still trying to reconcile with April.

A further wrench was thrown into the proceedings when Jake’s ex, April, began to wonder if she may be pregnant. Jake stated that he would have done “the father’s job” and “taken care of her and the baby” if she were pregnant.

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The series conclusion of The Ultimatum aired on April 13, and in it, Jake told April he wasn’t ready to get married to her, therefore they broke up.

After catching up in episode 9, Jake and Rae decided to embark on a world tour together.

Will Rae and Jake Ever Get Back Together?

After the conclusion of The Ultimatum, Jake and Rae broke up.

Jake said at the reunion, “It’s been six months since the show finished, and I’m still trying to sort this out. I’ve been attempting to isolate myself to figure out what it is I really desire.

At the series reunion, both Jake and Rae revealed that they were currently seeing other people. Rae revealed that she had dated a woman after the show ended, but Jake is still searching for his ideal partner.

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