Are Brendan and Piper Still Together: They Are Going to Marry ?

Pieper James and Brendan Morais fell in love there.

The couple first connected through shared Bachelor Nation connections after they both appeared on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, respectively. Before they were both chosen for season seven of Bachelor in Paradise, they kept their courtship low-key.

James later joined the cast around week 3, and Morais was a member of the original cast. The two resumed their conversation and developed their friendship further as soon as the latter arrived on the beach. They also acknowledged that they had a fling before appearing on the show.

The duo, however, faced criticism from both fans and their fellow cast members, and they ultimately left Paradise to work on their relationship in private. While the show was airing, Morais and James both commented on the situation on social media.
The couple maintained their relationship off-camera, and they celebrated their first anniversary in June 2022.

The entire history of Brendan Morais and Pieper James’ romance is presented here.

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Timeline of Brendan and Piper Love

Spring 2021

Morais and James admitted to spending time together before starring in Bachelor in Paradise, which began filming in the summer of 2021, even though it is unclear when they originally met.

On the program, Morais stated that he and James had gone out to dinner “two or three times just us” and had “a handful of times” hung out with other people. He insisted that their relationship at the time was casual, though.

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“Therefore, it is not as simple as, “Hey Pieper, do you want to be my girlfriend?” Hey Pieper, do you want to be exclusive? None of that ever occurred, “Morais told his co-stars from Bachelor in Paradise. “I, therefore, had hope that she would arrive. Before the show, I liked Pieper.”

In contrast, James claimed that she appeared on the program in order to “fully focus” on her relationship with Morais.

August 2021

Morais spent some time with Natasha Parker on the beach before James did, and it was clear that he was interested in her. However, as the season went on, other cast members and viewers started to think that Morais was hoping for James to show up and encourage Parker in the process.

The couple went on a one-on-one date after James made her Paradise debut in the third week and confessed their feelings for one another.

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In regards to his romance with Parker, Morais stated, “Natasha and I had a particular connection that was devoid of any romance and I attempted to get there, but I never promised Natasha that we would be anything more than what we were.”

Parker claimed that Morais “totally lied to” and “absolutely manipulated” her. Parker stated of Morais and James, “He completely downplayed their relationship to me to wait until she came here.”

14 September 2021

In the eighth episode, Morais and James made the decision to depart Paradise after being questioned by their other candidates regarding their prior relationship.

Are Brendan and Piper Still Together

“I suppose that we don’t want to be in this setting right now. This is the female I want to be with, and I feel safe stating that, as I believe you all are aware “Before James and he left, Morais informed his fellow cast members.

12 November 2021

Despite the fact that the couple was still largely keeping their relationship a secret, James did post a lovely birthday message for Morais on her Instagram Story.

She captioned the picture, “Happy birthday B, the only person I know who wears sneakers and socks to the beach.”

Brendan Morais and Pieper James Get Instagram Official on 11/18/2021.

Before announcing their love on Instagram, Morais and James held off. They both made their relationship public on their individual accounts on November 18, 2021, and wrote heartfelt messages in support of one another.

“The last few months have been, to put it mildly, fascinating. The beginning of a relationship is undoubtedly unusual when love blossoms between two people in the middle of chaos. We’ve experienced ups and downs, peaks and troughs, but a unique friendship has endured.

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Although I have undoubtedly failed and made mistakes along the road, Pieper was one thing I got right. I continue to be grateful for God’s mercy and kindness. I’m looking forward to learning and loving with you as we progress together, “Morais wrote in the post’s caption.

Regarding her post, James shares a picture of her and Morais on vacation in Aruba along with a bible passage.

Brendan Morais and Pieper James Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 Together.

The couple did not hold back when it came to showing their love for one another on their first Valentine’s Day together because their relationship was public. “Imagine presenting a Valentine’s Day card to someone you care about, and they ‘forgot’ it at home.

Are Brendan and Piper Still Together

She might have forgotten my card at CVS if she hadn’t purchased one. I digress,” Morais wrote as he captioned a picture of him and James locking lips. “Pieper, you are intelligent, attractive, kind, and considerate. I cherish every second we spend together and each memory we create because I adore you! I will always appreciate our adventures.

James just wrote, “The easiest ‘I love you,” as the caption for the post.

Brendan Morais and Pieper James’ First Anniversary is June 17, 2022.

In June 2022, the pair celebrated their first wedding anniversary. James commemorated the occasion with a video compilation of their most memorable moments from the previous year.

She said in the caption, “One year of laughing, juggling, swimming, weeping, flying, boating, jogging, eating, traveling, and loving with you @brendanmorais.”

Brendan and Piper Still Together

The answer is yes they are together and leaving their happy life and enjoying it in their way.