Look Both Ways Cast 2022: Is It Streaming on Netflix?

Look Both Ways is a 2022 romantic comedy-drama film that was written by April Prosser and directed by Wanuri Kahiu in the United States of America.

Lili Reinhart, Luke Wilson, Andrea Savage, Aisha Dee, Danny Ramirez, David Corenswet, and Nia Long are some of the actors who appear in it. The movie was made available on Netflix for the first time on August 17, 2022.

Look Both Ways Cast 2022

Natalie, Played by Lili Reinhart

Lili plays Natalie, a young lady who hopes to one day work for Lucy Galloway, her personal hero. When Natalie discovers she may be pregnant, however, she finds herself at a crossroads. Depending on the outcome of the pregnancy test, Natalie’s future may take two very different paths.


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If she becomes pregnant, she plans to stay in her hometown to raise her child. She plans to move to California for her work if she does not become pregnant.

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Lili is recognized for her role as Betty Cooper in Riverdale, airing on The CW. Lili may also be known for her parts in the films The Kings of Summer, Hustlers, and Chemical Hearts. Similarly, she appeared briefly in the new Charlie’s Angels.

Cara as Aisha Dee

Cara, Natalie’s roommate and best friend during their time at university, is portrayed by Aisha Dee. After finishing college, Cara and Natalie planned to move to Los Angeles together. However, Natalie’s possible pregnancy has made it such that Cara may have to go to California alone.

As Gabe, Danny Ramirez is Fantastic.

Danny plays Gabe, a college pal of Natalie’s with whom she had a one-night stand. Natalie takes two tests on the night of her college commencement to see if she is expecting Gabe’s child. In this case, Natalie can choose between two potential outcomes. In one possible future, Natalie gets pregnant, and she and Gabe start a family in Austin, Texas.

 (David Corenswet), Played by Jake

In the alternate timeline where Natalie is not pregnant, David plays Jake, a coworker, and romantic interest. Philadephia, Pennsylvania is the place of his birth on July 8th, 1993. David is a 29-year-old Cancer.

Lucy Galloway, Played by Nia Long

In the alternate timeline where Natalie is not pregnant, Nia plays Lucy Galloway, Natalie’s role model, and boss. She made her debut in this world on October 30, 1970, in Brooklyn, New York. Currently 51 years old, Nia is a Scorpio by zodiac sign.

The Roles of Tina (Andrea Savage) and Rick (Luke Wilson)

Andrea and Luke portray Natalie’s parents Tina and Rick. Tina and Rick appear to be extremely disheartened in the teaser upon learning that their daughter is expecting a child with someone she is not romantically involved with. Although once Natalie has birth, it appears that Tina and Rick will be very involved grandparents.

Look Both Ways Plot

Natalie and Gabe vow not to “make a big issue” of their sex during Natalie’s senior year at UT. A few weeks later, on graduation night, Natalie feels sick and Cara tests pregnant. When Natalie takes them, two parallel realities emerge.

In the world where Natalie’s test is positive, she moves back home with her parents, who are underwhelmed by Gabe’s music career. They encourage Natalie to continue her animation work while she struggles with being a mother.

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In the other reality, she moves to Los Angeles with Cara and starts a profession. Natalie is an animator’s assistant. She finally gets the job and bonds with Jake. He wants to be a successful movie producer, and they encourage others to chase their aspirations.

Natalie and Gabe struggle to co-parent after the birth of Rosie. Natalie refuses to move in with him and urges him to date; she subsequently regrets her decision to Cara. Natalie is uncomfortable when Gabe dates Miranda.

When Natalie visits Cara and her girlfriend in LA, Rosie calls to tell her she was left with a stranger. Natalie rushes back, to Cara’s dismay, and learns Gabe proposed to Miranda. Natalie loves her art.

Natalie and Jake ponder moving in together in the alternative reality where her test is negative. Until Jake gets a year-long job in Nova Scotia.

Look Both Ways Cast 2022

Jake’s work schedule makes long-distance difficult for Natalie. Lucy criticizes Natalie’s portfolio, saying it’s unoriginal. So she quits discovering her voice. She feels like a failure during a baby shower with Cara.

Natalie’s career advances in both realms. In one world, she sits on a panel with Lucy to discuss a Rosie-inspired comic, and in another, her short film is shown.

Nat sees Gabe’s band after five years in the negative test reality. Later, she’s startled that Jake risked his job to see her short film. Lucy views Natalie’s short video and pushes her to reconnect in LA.

Natalie and Rosie watch Gabe’s band in the pregnant reality. She asks why Miranda isn’t there. Gabe breaks up with Miranda because he loves her.

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Jake and Natalie are reunited in one reality. Gabe and Natalie discuss their relationship with each other. Each couple walks past Natalie’s sorority house, where she took the pregnancy test. Natalie walks into the bathroom, looks in the mirror, and reassures herself.