Spider-man Cast: Is All the Member Are Most Talented There?

Spider-Man, a Marvel Comics superhero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, has appeared in several films.

Nicholas Hammond played Peter Parker/Spider-Man in a 1977 TV movie and twice more. Shinji Tod reprised his role as Takuya Yamashiro / Spider-Man in Toei’s 1978 theatrical spin-off.

Sony Pictures Entertainment bought the cinematic rights to the character in 1999 and created two film series through 2014: the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy (2002–2007) starring Tobey Maguire and the Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man movie (2012–2014) starring Andrew Garfield.

In February 2015, Disney, Marvel Studios, and Sony signed a deal to split the Spider-Man film rights, introducing a new Spider-Man into the MCU.

Sony Pictures continued to own, fund, distribute, and maintain final creative control of the solo Spider-Man films, while Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributed his other appearances.

Tom Holland has played Spider-Man in six films, from Captain America: Civil War (2016) to Spider-Man: No Way Home (2018). (2021).

In September 2019, Disney and Sony relented to fan outcry and reached a new agreement for Holland’s version to return for future films such as Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), where he appears alongside Maguire and Garfield as supporting characters, and another team-up film. Feige and Pascal are planning a fourth MCU Spider-Man picture with Sony and Disney.

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Spider-man Cast

Spider-man, Aka Peter Parker

Before Andrew Garfield took over the role in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man flicks (2012) and (2014), Tobey Maguire played the title role in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (2002–2007).

In 2016, with his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland assumed control of the character for Marvel.

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While Holland is the most current actor to play Spider-Man on screen, Chris Pine voiced Peter Parker and Shameik Moore voiced Miles Morales in the 2018 computer-animated picture Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

She Was Known as Mary Jane Watson.

Famously, Kirsten Dunst played Peter Parker’s girlfriend Mary Jane Watson in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey Maguire.

Shailene Woodley was originally cast as Mary Jane Watson in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and she even shot some scenes, but she was ultimately written out of the film.

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Although Zendaya’s portrayal of MJ is pivotal in the films starring Tom Holland, she is not Mary Jane Watson. She’s a new character the MCU made to honor Peter Parker’s “previous experiences and his prior love,” despite sharing his initials.

“She’s not Mary Jane Watson,” Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, told IGN in the past. It was never a big, “Oh my God, it’s a big reveal!” “She was never Mary Jane Watson.

Spider-man Cast

She was always this new high school character, Michelle, and we knew there was an “M” in Michelle and an “M” in Mary. So we’re so clever and we thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat if her initials were MJ?”

Osborn, Harry

James Franco played Harry Osborn, Peter Parker’s best friend, in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man flicks. Soon after, in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Dane DeHaan assumed control of the role.

Toxic Green Monster

In 2002’s Spider-Man, Willem Dafoe played the Green Goblin. Spider-Man 3 (2007) featured a brief appearance by James Franco as the Green Goblin, while The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2009) featured a similar role for Dane DeHaan.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Dafoe returned to the role of the Green Goblin.

A. Brant, Betty

Betty Brant, J. Jonah Jameson’s personal secretary at The Daily Bugle, was first played by Elizabeth Banks in the Sam Raimi trilogy. In Spider-Man films directed by Tom Holland, Angourie Rice portrays a teenage version of the character.

Stacy Gwen

Bryce Dallas Howard played Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s lab partner, in the third installment of the Spider-Man film franchise. Emma Stone is famous for her role as Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man films.

Stacy, George

Gwen Stacy’s father was played by James Cromwell in Spider-Man 3, and then by Denis Leary in The Amazing Spider-Man.

May’s Aunt

Three distinct adaptations of Aunt May have been produced. The role was played by Rosemary Harris in Sam Raimi’s trilogy and by Sally Field in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. In the Spider-Man movie directed by Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei plays Aunt May.

Aunt Beatrice’s Uncle

Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben was first portrayed by Cliff Robertson in 2002’s Spider-Man, and later by Martin Sheen in 2007’s The Amazing Spider-Man.

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While the director of Spider-Man: Homecoming Jon Watts has stated that Uncle Ben did indeed exist in the MCU at one point, he has never appeared in any of Holland’s Spider-Man flicks.


Flash Thompson, not to be confused with the DC Comics hero The Flash, is a frequent adversary of Peter Parker’s in the Spider-Man films.

Joe Manganiello played him in the first Spider-Man film, then Chris Zylka in the second, and most recently Tony Revolori in the third and latest film, Spider-Man: Homecoming.