Yung Joc Net Worth: Is He the Highest-Paid Actor in the World?

Yung Joc is an American rapper and songwriter. His real name is Jasiel Amon Robinson, and in 2005, his song “It’s Goin’ Down” made him a big deal in the hip-hop world. The single got to number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was nominated for several awards, including the Grammy.

Joc’s father gave him his first big break by writing a jingle for Revlon. His father taught him a lot about business when he was young. Years later, when he was a platinum-selling rapper, he used the same forward-thinking business sense in his music. Like his father, Joc started his own record label called “Mastermind” to put out his songs.

He has made hit songs with Rick Ross, T-Pain, Bobby V, and Gucci Mane, among others. Joc’s appearance on Vh1’s reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” as a supporting cast member showed his fans and the rest of the world that he can do well in front of the camera as well as making music.

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Early Life of Yung Joc

Jasiel Amon Robinson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 2, 1983. Stanley Tucker, his father, ran a business that made products for hair care. He worked at a zoo and a car wash while he was in high school. He also studied a lot and worked very hard in school. He always wanted to be a lawyer, but he changed his mind and joined the theatre instead.

Personal Life of Yung Joc

Yung Joc has eight children with four different mothers as of 2015. Joc dated his high school sweetheart Fatimah till 2001, and the couple has a kid named Amoni. He was married to Alexandria Robinson from 2001 to 2014, and they have three children: Chase, Amir, and Ja’Kori.

Since his divorce, he has had two sets of twins with two different partners. All of his romances have been documented in the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” plot.

Yung Joc Net Wort

From 2012 to 2013, he dated actress Carla Daniels, with whom he shares twins named Cadence and Camora. From 2013 to 2014, he dated entrepreneur and actress Sina Bina, with whom he had twins Eden and Allon.

In 2014, he lived with and dated “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-star Karlie Redd. He also dated co-stars Tommie Lee and Khadiyah for a short time. Since 2016, he’s been in a serious relationship with lawyer Kendra Robinson. In 2019, they got engaged, but the COVID-19 pandemic put their wedding plans on hold.

Net Worth of Yung Joc

In 2022, Yung Joc’s net worth is expected to be $4 million. Most of his money comes from his work in music and television. In a short amount of time, he made a name for himself by working with many well-known artists.

He could make up to $6.5 million over the course of his career, but after paying taxes of about 34%, or $2.21 million, he has only made about $4.29 million. He gets royalties from the radio, Spotify, and Pandora, and each performance earns him $15,000.

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He also makes a lot of money from the songs he and his production company, Swag Team Entertainment, made. He makes $50,000 per episode of “LHHATL.” Under the name Rap Snacks, Joc has also made a line of chips. He also earns money from his YouTube channel, and he runs a hair salon and luxury car rental business in Atlanta, Georgia.

Career Life of Yung Joc

Joc’s father facilitated a chance for him to compose a jingle for Revlon. To release his music, he founded his own record company, Mastermind, continuing the entrepreneurial history of his father. After leaving school, Joc began working for a construction firm. This did not last long because he was employed by Raw Deal Records to write songs.

Breakthrough in Yung Joc’s Career

In 2005, Yung Joc started his career by collaborating with Nitti Beatz on the song “It’s Going Down.” After this, Joc signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Sean Combs’ Bad Boy South and worked with Russell “Block” Spencer, who was in charge of the Block Enterprises label. This is how he got his first album, “New Joc City,” out.

His next single, “I Know U See It,” came out after that. It’s Going Down and I Know U See It became huge hits, reaching #3 and #17 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively, at their highest points. His second album, “Hustlenomics,” came out in 2007. It had songs like “Bottle Poppin” and “Coffee Shop” on it.

Yung Joc Net Worth

Again in 2007, Yung Joc was on the single “Lookin Boy” by Hotstylz. He was in the songs “So Fly,” “Get Like Me,” and “Beep” in 2008. In 2009, Yung Joc put out his mixtape “Grind Flu” on the website of his record label, Swagg Team Entertainment. Fans stayed interested in Joc while they were waiting for his next big album.

After that, Joc’s album “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood” released the single “Yeah Boy.” He then released “I Got Bitches” as the first single from his third album in 2014. “Features” came out as the second single. Later, in 2016, he came out with “Wrong Places” and “Perfect Timing” (2019).

Television Career Life of Yung Joc

Joc has been a supporting cast member on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta since 2014. He was also in the first season of Scared Famous on VH1, which aired in 2017.

He has also been in the TV shows Leave It to Stevie (2016–2018) and Wild ‘n Out (2020–2021). In 2018, he had small parts in the movies Products of the American Ghetto and Merry Wish-Mas.

Awards and Nomination to Yung Joc

Yung Joc has won awards and has been nominated for awards for his work in the music industry. “It’s Going Down,” a song by Yung Joc, was nominated for 6 BET Hip Hop Awards and won Hip-Hop Track of the Year in 2006. (2008).

He was also up for Best Live Performer, Rookie of the Year, Hip-Hop Dance of the Year, Hip-Hop MVP of the Year, and Hip-Hop Video of the Year for “Get Like Me” in 2006.

Yung Joc Net Worth

In 2006, “It’s Going Down” got him three “Billboard” Music Awards nominations: Top R&B Song, Top Rap Artist, and Rap Songs Artist of the Year.

Joc was also nominated at the 2007 Soul Train Music Awards for It’s Goin’ Down in the categories of Best R&B/Soul or Rap Dance Cut, Best R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist, and the Grammy Awards for Best Rap Song.

Final Words

Yung Joc is an American rapper and songwriter. In 2005, his song “It’s Goin’ Down” made him a big deal in the hip-hop world. He has had hit songs with Rick Ross, T-Pain, Bobby V, and Gucci Mane. In 2022, Yung Joc’s net worth is expected to be $4 million. In 2014, he lived with and dated “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-star Karlie Redd.