Key Glock Net Worth 2022: How Does This Rapper Earns Millions of Dollars?

Key Glock is an American rapper and songwriter with a net worth of $2 million. Key Glock is the stage name of Markeyvius LaShun Cathey, who was born on August 3, 1997, and lives in Memphis.

In 2017, he became well-known after one of his mixtapes did well with the public. The name of the record was “Glock Season.” Young Dolph’s record label, Paper Route Empire, has signed him up. It is estimated that he makes $250,000 a year.

He is a musician who writes and performs mostly Hip Hop songs. He will be 24 years old in 2022. After Young Dolph was killed, he stopped being seen in public and didn’t say anything until a few days ago. In this post, we’ll tell you about Key Glock, including his net worth, income, salary, and a few other things. So, let’s get started.

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Early Life of Key Glock

Full Name: Key Glock
Net Worth: $2 Million
Age: 24
Country: United States
Born: August 3, 1997
Salary: $250,000

Key Glock was born on Aug. 3, 1997. He comes from Memphis’s south side. Since his parents didn’t get along well, he was raised by his grandmother and aunt.

When he was only one and a half years old, his mother went to jail. His father never took care of him, so he had a very hard time as a child. He could only get away from his hard childhood through music.

He liked Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane a lot, and he grew up listening to their music. Key Glock’s life was also changed in a big way by Project Pat.

Project Pat is called the “Drake of Memphis” by Glock. Key Glock always says that a few Project Pat songs, like “Gorilla Pimp,” changed the way he thought about life. “Ain’t No Way Around It” was Key Glock’s first song, which came out in 2011.

Personal Life of Key Glock

About Key Glock’s personal life, there isn’t much known. He likes to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. No one has said that he has a girlfriend. But he has been linked to another American rapper named Mulatto.

Key Glock Net Worth

He says that he has a straight sexual orientation. In 2019, he was arrested because he had a gun and some marijuana. He is Young Dolph’s cousin. Young Dolph used to be a rapper. Key Glock was very active on social media, but after his cousin Young Dolph died, he deleted his Instagram account.

Net Worth of Key Glock

According to caknowledge, Key Glock’s Net Worth is $1.5 Million as of 2022. Key Glock was born in the United States on August 3, 1997. Details of Key Glock’s complete profile, assets, and development in net worth are provided here.

Key Glock ‘s Net Worth in 2022 $1.5 Million
Key Glock ‘s Net Worth in 2021 $1.2 Million
Key Glock ‘s Net Worth in 2020 $1 Million
Key Glock ‘s Net Worth in 2019 $0.8 Million
Key Glock ‘s Net Worth in 2018     $0.6 Million

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Career Life of Key Glock

Young Dolph, a fellow Memphis rapper, signed Key Glock to his label, the Paper Route Empire, in 2017. The same year, Glock released his first single, which was called “Racks.” A few months later, in 2017, he released his first mixtape, Glock Season, on the Paper Route Empire label.

Key Glock Net Worth

People liked the mixtape, and Glock was praised for his music. Glock Season was what made Key Glock famous. He then worked with Young Dolph, and the two of them made a song called “Dum and Dummer.” The song was No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart. After Dum and Dummer came out, he went on a musical tour all over Europe.

In 2020, he released another mixtape called Yellow Tape, which landed at number 14 on the Billboard 200. After that, he made a lot of other songs, like “Son of a Gun.” He worked with Young Dolph again and put out the song “Aspen.” Then, in March 2021, they put out Dum and Dummer 2.

Latest News of Key Glock

After his cousin Young Dolph died, with whom he was very close, Glock stopped being in the public eye and went into hiding. He took down his Instagram page. A few days ago, Key Glock put out a video that was a touching tribute to the rapper. He finally opened up in an interview and said that Young Dolph’s death has torn him apart and left him feeling lost.

Wealth Dependency of Key Glock

Key Glock is one of the most promising rappers of 2022. He is thought to make about $15,000 per month. He makes most of his money from his music albums and from appearing in other artists’ music videos, like Young Dolph’s. He also has a YouTube channel that brings in money.

Key Glock Net Worth

He is also paid a lot of money to be the face of brands like Gucci, Burberry, and Jordan. Key Glock is thought to make about $100,000 every year. He is also said to like cars a lot and to have a lot of expensive car collections. All of his cars are made to suit him.

Final Words

Key Glock’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $2 million. Most of his money comes from his music album, featured videos, YouTube channel, and Instagram accounts. He also works with brands like Gucci to promote their products. He has been in the news because he paid tribute to the late rapper Young Dolph, who was shot earlier this month in November 2021.