Final Fantasy 14 Beginner’s Guide

As MMORPG games tend to be, FFXIV can become very overwhelming, very quickly. There’s many things to do and see when you get dropped into a massive world like Eorzea. This is the fantastic world in which final fantasy is set. In this guide, I will cover some of the most important things in the game. As well as the things that are most cardinal for you to do when first starting out. Additionally, it is extremely helpful to read all the tutorials as they pop up while you are playing. If you pay attention to them, you will learn a lot right off the bat. Doing your own research can be very helpful too. Other than that, we can get into it!

Table of Contents

Moving around

There are two main ways to get around the place in FFXIV. Firstly, Aetherytes. These are the giant crystals found in towns. Once activated, these crystals allow you to fast travel back to these locations at any time. When you first activate an Aetheryte, you will only get a return spell, but once you activate more you will also unlock the teleport spell. The return spell can only be applied to one Aetheryte at a time and is free. The teleport spell can be applied to as many as you want, but does cost some gil. If you run out, you can buy FFXIV GIL from Chicks Gold.

The other way to move around is by using Aethernet shards. These are the smaller crystals you will see shining in different parts of the main cities. These are more limited in their function as they will only allow you to teleport around the parts of the main cities where they are found. They do have many advantages though; they do not require the use of a spell, you just interact with them instead. You can also use the shards to teleport to crystals and vice versa. The Aethernet shards can also be seen on your map. Press M on keyboard or X on controller to open up your map.


While playing FFXIV, there are three main quest icons you will see floating above NPC’s heads.

The most important one is the main scenario quest. MSQ should be your primary objective when playing FFXIV as they unlock most of the things in the game which are desirable. Their icon is based on the opening cinematic and looks like a small flaming meteor. You can also find a main scenario quest option at the top left of your screen.

Another icon you may see is the one for content unlock quests. These icons are always blue and have a plus sign next to them. Their purpose, as the name suggests, is unlocking new content such as new dungeons or classes. They may also unlock cool new actions, such as unlocking the ability to dye your armor or to unlock desynthesis. Whenever you see these quests, it is usually advisable to do them right away.

The last type of quest you may see is the side quest. Their markers are just simple gold ones. They are generally unimportant and you can do them whenever you want to, so don’t feel

obligated to take them when you see them. They are relatively unimportant but can be really fun, so it’s a good idea to take them eventually.

Things to keep in mind

If you are ever playing FFXIV and wonder what you should do next, the general answer is always to do MSQ. It is the most important part of FFXIV and unlocks the most features. Apart from that, other important things you should do are your job and class quests. These are class specific quests which unlock new skills and job stones at later stages. You will unlock jobs at level 30. Additionally, when you reach level 10, you will gain the ability to change classes. Each class has its own levels and gear, and you can change between them, but you will be starting from level one in each class, of course.

Closing off

Hopefully, this guide has helped clear the way for you a little bit on your journey. It may be overwhelming but the more you play the easier it gets. So you should just dive right in and enjoy the beautiful world of FFXIV. Enjoy gaming!