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Parker Schnabel Dating: How Long Did Parker Date His Girlfriend & Who is The Lucky Girl?

Parker The 22nd of July, 1994 finds Russell Schnabel being brought into the world in Haines, Alaska. Payson Schnabel is his brother, and his parents are Roger and Nancy Schnabel. He also has a brother named Roger. Ever since he was young boy of five years old, Parker Schnabel has been working in the mining industry.

Parker spent his childhood working for the mining company owned by his grandfather, John Schnabel, known as Big Nugget. When he was so young that his feet couldn’t even reach the pedals, he was already handling heavy machines.

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Biography of  Tyler Mahoney

Tyler Mahoney, a 21-year-old from Western Australia, is a gold prospector and digger. While her hometown of Kalgoorlie is famous for gold mining, that’s not all she does for a living.

Being labeled a “money digger” is an honor for the young beauty because it’s all she’s ever known. In fact, the whole family is immensely pleased with their accomplishments, and they’ve begun a reality program called “Aussie Gold Hunters” to tell the world about it.

The Deadliest Catch, a long-running show about crab hunting in the Bering Sea, is sometimes held up as a comparison. However, critics point out that this new show presents no such perils. You may be familiar with Tyler Mahoney’s stunning good looks, but you may be surprised to learn these ten facts about him.

The Relationship Between Parker and Tyler Mahoney

On a tour to Australia, Parker bumped into Tyler. Over time, the attraction between them developed into true love. They’re quite similar in many ways. Tyler’s family tree is rife with Australian gold prospectors, and Parker’s grandfather was a miner.

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The shared goal of finding gold nuggets and the shared experience in the gold mining industry cement Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney’s friendship.

parker schnabel dating

The similarity in feeling between the two is evident. In an Instagram post, Tyler strips down to her underwear while she scans the river for crocodiles.

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Fans couldn’t help but speculate that Parker had struck gold with his new Australian girlfriend because of how well they got along. In the past, Tyler has also stepped in to defend Parker from internet haters.

Parker was shown to be the dirtiest of the group after she posted a picture of them from the gold rush route. One of Parker’s supporters chimed in to say that the player consistently wears dirty clothes. However, Tyler promptly corrected the fan, explaining that such was the norm when searching for gold.

Dating History of Parker Schnabel 

Former Boyfriend Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule
Now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about Ashley, I’d like to tell you about her ex-boyfriend, Parker Schnabel.

Parker, a gold miner and reality TV star who was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska, USA, is widely recognized as a result of his appearances on the Discovery Channel series Gold Rush: Alaska since its 2010 premiere.

It was inevitable that Parker Schnabel, son of Roger and Nancy, would follow in the family business’s successful footsteps. After his grandfather, John Schnabel passed away, he took over management of the Big Nugget mine.

Wrapping Up

Parker Schnabel has been working in the mining industry since he was five years old. Tyler Mahoney is a 21-year-old gold prospector and digger from Western Australia.

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Tyler’s family tree is rife with Australian gold prospectors, and Parker’s grandfather was a miner. In an Instagram post, Tyler strips down to her underwear while she scans the river for crocodiles.

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