What to know about banned baby names in America?

Every year, millions of babies are born and given names in the United States, however, there are allegedly some names or naming customs that are outlawed at the state level.

According to reports from 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and artist Grimes found this out when they attempted to name their newborn kid X A-12 in the Golden State.

According to an earlier Fox News Digital article, the couple changed figure 12 in the name to the Roman numeral XII, which is permissible and in conformity with California state law.

According to The Bump, a parenting news website, California also prohibits the use of pictographs, emojis, and offensive or insulting names, as well as limits the length of names to 26 characters in the English alphabet.
Exactly why then should states get a role in the naming of citizens’ children?

According to usa.gov, the official online official reference to government information and services, this is due to the fact that the responsibility for issuing birth certificates rests with individual states.

According to usbirthcertificates.com, a private website that provides information on how to access vital records, the following five states in the United States impose name limitations.

According to usbirthcertificates.com, the state of Georgia does not restrict the use of any other characters (such as accents) in baby names.
Big Apple

According to usbirthcertificates.com, the state of New York allows for a maximum of 30 characters for first and middle names, and 40 characters for last names. As legend has it, the Empire State outlaws the use of digits and symbols in personal names. Ohio

According to usbirthcertificates.com, Ohioans are not permitted to use numerals in names, but they are permitted to use hyphens, apostrophes, and spaces.

Usbirthcertificates.com states that the length of a Texan’s first, middle, and last name cannot exceed 100 characters and must be spelled entirely in the English alphabet. Reportedly, the use of numerals and diacritical markings in names is illegal in the Lone Star State.

Virginia According to usbirthcertificates.com, residents of Virginia are not permitted to give their children names that contain any numbers, symbols, or unusual characters (such as umlauts or tildes).
Reportedly prohibited baby names include King, Queen, Jesus Christ III, Santa Claus, Majesty, Adolf Hitler, Messiah, the @ sign, and 1069.

According to usbirthcertificates.com, names that make reference to trademarked brands are also subject to rejection from birth certificates. The website also allows users to report phrases they find derogatory.