Reba Mcentire Explains How She Didn’t Raise a’spoiled Brat’!

Reba McEntire recently discussed how she raised her son to be humble despite his privileged upbringing.

McEntire is a country music legend, but she worked hard to raise her son Shelby to be nice. She wanted to teach her son her parents’ beliefs so he’d be a gentleman.

McEntire was raised in Chuckie, Oklahoma, and believes her parents instilled Southern traditions in her. She did this by never being easy on her kid and making him feel entitled to win every time.

“I never let Shelby win games or cards,” Reba told People. “He’d learn nothing that way. “I’ll always love you, but I want others to like you,” I said to Shelby. Be nice. Don’t be spoilt.”

Reba Mcentire Explains How She Didn't Raise a'spoiled Brat'!

McEntire’s work pays off. People have told her they “would never know (he) was blessed” if they didn’t know he was the country legend’s kid.

McEntire is “extremely proud” “He had ADHD and couldn’t read in school, but this year he’s read 10 novels. He’s always improving. His father also did well.

McEntire’s first Top 10 single, “(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven,” was released in 1980, ten years before Shelby’s birth.

McEntire has won 16 ACM Awards, 3 Grammys, and 8 CMA Awards with 59 top-10 hits on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, 24 at No. 1.
McEntire believes Shelby opened her eyes to what’s important in life and gave her a stronger purpose.

“God gave me Shelby,” she remarked. Close. Before Shelby, I was self-centered. Then you’re given a young character to protect, nurture, love, and teach and the focus shifts away from you.

McEntire attempted to be with her son as much as possible, but she had support, which she appreciates. It helped her balance work and motherhood.

Shelby and Marissa are busy with their work, but when McEntire visits Nashville, they enjoy brunch or dinner.