Jana Kramer Asserts That Her Ex-husband, Mike Caussin, Cheated With “More Than” Thirteen Women!

Jana Kramer will discuss Mike Caussin’s infidelity.

The singer, 38, discusses her April 2021 divorce, Caussin’s adultery, and co-parenting Jolie, 6, and Jace, 3.

“You learned he cheated on 13 women?” Jada Pinkett Smith asks in a USA TODAY exclusive footage. Kramer says “more.”

“I realize we’re both in better situations, but this year my kids won’t wake up at my house on Christmas,” she adds. “That hurts.”

Kramer says, “I come from a damaged home and vowed I wouldn’t repeat it. Christmas was stressful since I had to separate gifts. The prospect of another woman rearing my child made me say, ‘It ain’t going to happen.'”

Pinkett Smith empathizes with Kramer, saying, “Familial dreams and childhood trauma are tough.”

“That’s not fair,” I say. “You took away my dream for my family,'” a “One Tree Hill” character said “adding
Celebrities can “have it all” and still cheat. What’s next?

Kramer says she continued to forgive Caussin, 35 after he promised her he would “be a better man” and she “waited for him.”

Her ex-husband pledged he’d “never” cheat again after she found him in April. That was the singer’s last straw, she says because two weeks prior she had already “begged him” to tell the truth. We can handle 5, 10, and 15!

Kramer divorced Caussin after six years.

At first, Kramer says she went “real crazy” and “destroyed all his X-boxes” and “wrote all over his tux.”
The country music star addressed the split on Instagram, revealing that she is trying “to make sense of a reality I never wanted to believe could be possible again.”

Kramer wrote, “We’ve fought.” “I loved deeply. I’ve forgiven. Worked hard. I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give.”

Though Kramer said she still believes “wholeheartedly in marriage, love, and rebuilding,” she added that she “just can’t fight any longer.”

“It’s time to heal,” she continued. “Thank you for all the love, heart, and support, in many ways you have fought on this journey alongside me, and for that I am grateful. I’ll always encourage you to continue the good fight, but you can’t fight it alone.”

The former NFL player has a history of infidelity: in 2016, the couple separated after it was revealed that Caussin had been cheating on Kramer. The two later reconciled and said they were working on their marriage.

In 2019, Caussin also opened up about having a sex addiction on Kramer’s “Whine Down” podcast as well as his sobriety journey. At the time, he said he was in a 12-step program for sex addiction for three years and was approaching a year of sobriety.

The following year, the couple released a book together titled “The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully.” According to its Amazon description, the book is about how Kramer and Caussin “decided to honor their forever love by battling it out and staying together, told from both sides.” In the book, the couple offer lessons readers can use “to give and receive lasting love,” the description adds.

Kramer addresses the book “Red Table Talk” and says “there’s a chapter in there where he 1,000 percent did not tell the truth of what he was actually doing.”

“We had just become New York Times best-selling authors about how we got past this and I’m like, ‘I look like an (expletive) idiot,” she adds.

Pinkett Smith adds that in this day in age, there’s pressure to forgive people that can be toxic. “We don’t give people enough time to have their process. It doesn’t happen immediately. Sometimes it takes years,” she says.