James Corden Was Banned From a Popular New York City Restaurant After the Proprietor Deemed Him the “Most Aggressive Customer.”

UPDATE: The restaurant owner says James Corden has apologized and will “immediately revoke” his suspension.

James Corden was “86’d” from an NYC eatery.

On Monday, Balthazar owner Keith McNally, 71, blasted Corden, 44, for his inappropriate behavior in his restaurant.

James Corden is a talented comedian but little “He posted a snapshot of Corden smiling. “The most abusive Balthazar customer in 25 years.”

McNally: “Today I axed Corden, which is rare. Not funny.”

PEOPLE’s request for comment from Corden went unanswered.

He also said Corden behaved similarly at McNally’s last restaurant, Cafe Luxembourg.

First, McNally said, Corden spotted a hair in his lunch in June at table 61.

“Though diabolical, it happens at all restaurants,” McNally noted.
After Corden’s main course, “Balthazar manager G. was really sorry after seeing the hair. Corden said to G:

James Corden Was Banned From a Popular New York City Restaurant After the Proprietor Deemed Him the "Most Aggressive Customer."

“Bring us another round of drinks.” And our beverages so far. So I write bad Yelp reviews”
McNally claimed the second incident happened on Oct. 9 while Corden and his wife were enjoying brunch. Corden requested an outdoor table and was given 301. Corden’s wife wanted an egg yolk, gruyere, and salad omelet.

James called their server M. K. a few minutes after receiving the dinner to tell her there was egg white in the yolk. “M.K. told G. The chef replicated the dish with home fries instead of salad.”
McNally, James Corden yelled at the server, “You can’t perform your job!” You’re incompetent. I should make my own omelet.”

His waitress was “extremely sorry and seated G. Then, everything was fine. He offered them promotional Champagne glasses to calm them. G. stated Corden was nice to him but mean to the server. M.K. was shaken but finished her shift professionally.”

PEOPLE’s request for comment from McNally wasn’t immediately answered.
McNally said on Page Six he “reluctantly” posted about Corden out of loyalty to restaurant servers.

Adding, “They have tough tasks. Rich and renowned people shouldn’t treat them this way.”

McNally has barred patrons before. In May, he banned Graydon Carter for not showing up for a reservation for 12 people.

“Perhaps, as a socialite, Mr. Carter thinks he’s above canceling meal reservations,” he added. “One thing, though. The fancy f— can never make another reservation at my restaurant. Never.”

Carter, who owned the Waverly Inn, Monkey Bar, and Beatrice Inn in NYC, has apologized and will make a donation.

“My office forgot to cancel the lunch reservation until after 1:30, which is awful. We’ll donate to the restaurant’s tip pool today to offset what the workers would have made. As a restaurant owner, I understand the consequences of a no-show “People quoted Carter.

He labeled the long post a “deranged tirade” inspired by an Air Mail report regarding McNally’s social media.

Carter said the rest of McNally’s outburst was fake. “I rarely eat at his restaurants after last week’s Air Mail piece on his Instagram troubles.”