Brendan Fraser Says He’s Sorry He Caused a Congestion 25 Years Ago When Filming “George of the Jungle.”

Brendan Fraser has issued an apology for the enormous traffic jam he created in San Francisco 25 years ago while filming “George of the Jungle.”

Fraser, who played a major role in the film, remembers causing pandemonium when filming a sequence on the Bay Bridge in 1997.

On Thursday, he addressed attendees at the Mill Valley Film Festival in California to explain how, despite the employment of a dummy for the sequence, motorists on the bridge still thought a genuine person was in distress.

“Disney hung a dummy from the uprights using a parachute. Everything on both sides of the bridge came to a halt as a result “His comments were made public via SFGate. “My tow vehicle was parked across the lot. For some reason, I now realized that I’ve seen the… Bridge.”

To continue, Fraser said “It has a parachutist dummy dangling from it. I was watching TV when a special news program with helicopters informed me that a parachutist was hanging from a bridge and had to be rescued immediately.”

“And I’m thinking, “Hold on!” From the looks of the media coverage and the circling helicopters, someone forgot to get a permit and will be in hot water with the local mayor.”

At last, the actor expressed regret: “My apologies for it. To conclude, I apologize. Definitely not going to happen again.”
Fraser’s return to Hollywood has been gradual thanks to “The Whale,” a film in which he plays a 600-pound man.

Brendan Fraser Says He's Sorry He Caused a Congestion 25 Years Ago When Filming "George of the Jungle."

When Fraser found out last August that his ardent social media following was rooting for a great Hollywood return, he was obviously moved. stated at the time that TikTok cosplayer @LittleLottieCosplay’s virtual meet-and-greet with the actor had received over 1 million views.

Fraser stated in the video that he was preparing for his next film, “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Martin Scorsese is directing this crime drama, which also stars Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio and will be released in 2023.

Saying, “I’m going to work with Scorsese and Leo (DiCaprio) and Bob De Niro,” Fraser announced his upcoming collaborations. With a nervous laugh, he admitted, “I think I could be sick, I’m a little concerned.” He then pretended to bite his fingernails.

The supporter reassured Fraser, though, telling him, “you got this.”

She reassured him, “You can count on the support of the worldwide web. “We’re a very encouraging group. There are a lot of people cheering for you and supporting you, and we can’t wait to watch what you accomplish in the future.”

After hearing the declaration, Fraser took a sip of water to steady his emotions.
Fraser bowed his head and muttered, “Shucks, ma’am.”

Fraser’s popularity on social media has increased over the past year, as indicated in a recent interview with the magazine Vanity Fair. After accusing former HFP president Philip Berk of sexual assault in 2003, he said he felt blacklisted in 2018.