Tiffany Haddish Discusses ‘getting Rid of the Mess’ After Being Sued for Child Abuse!

After having the charges of child abuse and grooming made against her and Aries Spears dropped, Tiffany Hadish is prepared to go on with her life.

The comedienne tweeted on Wednesday that she appreciated the universe for clearing up the “mess.”

Three weeks after the case was withdrawn, the 42-year-old wrote, “God has been redesigning my life lately and I must confess at 1st I was quite uncomfortable.”

But now I understand his point and I’m in a lot better position because of it. It’s all thanks to God. You are the most effective at clearing clutter. And by “mess,” I mean God, and I know you understand that. Amen.

Earlier this month, she and Spears, 47, were accused of grooming, abusing, and coercing a couple of siblings to shoot sexually graphic acts when they were 14 and 7. Her post comes weeks after the allegations surfaced. Each of the two comedians has refuted the allegations.

Page Six has obtained a complaint in which Jane Doe (now 22) claims that “Girls Trip” star Lea Michele trained her to imitate fellatio for a skit in which children argue over a sub sandwich.

The now-14-year-old youngster said he was abused by the two comedians while they filmed the frightening movie “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes.”

The actress responded to the accusations by saying that the sketch was not hilarious despite the fact that it was meant to be.

My participation in that is something I truly regret. Her final words were, “I truly look forward to being able to speak a lot more about this circumstance as soon as I can,” explaining that she was limited in what she could say at the moment.
Haddish said she “lost everything” because of the charges, despite the case having been dismissed.

All of my gigs have dried up. The next day, she told TMZ that her two brothers had dropped the lawsuit. I’m unemployed, man.

The actress has stayed out of the spotlight since the scandal emerged, but on Tuesday she was photographed at Cardi B’s burlesque-themed 30th birthday party.