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They’re Collectively Weird and Laudable: the Adams Family Dines at Beef & Boards!

From the first four organ notes, you’re hooked on THE ADDAMS FAMILY. This musical showcases the ghastly family from TV and cinema. Join these charming spooks as they spend a night is normal.

Celeste: I grew up watching The Addams Family, so I was ready for the musical. I laughed in every scene. Despite the gruesome, the plot is joyful and enjoyable.

Travis M. Grant designed the costumes. Every attire was top-to-bottom perfect and reflected each person’s personality. I loved The Ancestors’ cryptic, monochromatic sparkles. These costumes helped bring each part to life.
I was pulled to a few secondary characters who made their scenes enjoyable.

Amanda Butterbaugh’s Grandma was fantastic. She immersed herself in her character, creating an unusual, dark (and occasionally bloody) but ultimately lovable figure. I’d be afraid and eager to see her in the cemetery with her herbs and potions.

Jeff Stockberger’s portrayal of Lurch was hilarious at Beef & Boards. Lurch’s grunts, tone, and full-body reactions made him stand out. He’s a good organist.

Kurt Perry as Uncle Fester was awesome. He nailed Fester’s fanciful and analytical nature, so his performance was no surprise. I can’t gaze at a full moon without hearing “The Moon and Me.”
Wednesday gets her first boyfriend in The Addams Family musical. Lucas’s parents come for dinner, but dessert brings “disclosures.”

They're Collectively Weird and Laudable: the Adams Family Dines at Beef & Boards!

The Addams Family license has a high reputation, which helps the musical. The rest of the company are Addams Family ancestors dressed in historical garb with a deathly twist. Ron Morgan’s choreography fits the play perfectly… some could argue it’s wacky.

Eddie Curry and Jill Kelly Howe are the Show’s’star’ names, but Shelbi Berry as Wednesday Addams was a huge draw. Wednesday’s suspense was far from Addams Family-like. This audition song, ‘Pulled,’ shows why Berry was cast.
Pugsley (Eli Neal) is the night’s standout. Neal was great as Pugsley.

He’s afraid about his sister’s sudden change and that she won’t be there to torture him (lovingly). Pugsley, Gomez, and Fester were the truest to the Charles Addams originals and had the best performances.

The ensemble wowed this reviewer. The chorus was hard to look away from. Much of this is due to the thrilling, diversified, and well-matched choreography, costumes, and make-up.

The choir filled the stage and showed emotion with dedication. All the actors adore their parts and the production, and it shows. Congratulations!
Beef & Boards is frightening, creepy, wacky, and Ooky. THE ADDAMS FAMILY is onstage through November 20th, so don’t miss it!

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