One of Tina Turner’s Greatest Hits Inspired the Creation of Her New Barbie!

A Tina Turner Barbie has been announced by Mattel, and my inner eight-year-old can’t contain her glee. There is also a Gloria Estefan doll and now Tina Turner is the sixth musician to join the Barbie Signature Music Series.

In an Instagram post published on October 13, Mattel announced the release, writing, “Barbie is thrilled to recognize the unparalleled career of the “Queen of Rock ‘n Roll” with a @TinaTurner Barbie doll.”

Outfitted in Tina’s iconic black leather minidress and denim jacket from the “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” video, which was a staple of MTV’s rotation in the ’80s, the doll looks fierce. The designers spared no expense, including Tina’s signature spiked hairstyle from the 1980s, fishnet tights, and black shoes. And as someone who was very into her style at the time, I have to say they nailed it.

Being able to design a Tina doll was a lifelong ambition for Bill Greening, the man responsible for Barbie’s aesthetic. I’ll just say that Tina has been high on my list of desirables for a very long time.

We kicked off about the time she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” he remarked. In order to examine the hair from all sides, we took a lot of screen captures. There was a great deal of coaxing and hairspray used.

Miss Tina is really pleased with her new doll. She remarked, “I am pleased to introduce more children to my journey by having my Barbie join the community of groundbreaking women already represented.”

The R&B/rock hybrid “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” was a massive smash in the ’80s. Rolling Stone claims that Donna Summer originally passed on recording this Terry Britten and Graham Lyle composition. And that was a smart move on her part.

It became an instant hit thanks to her gritty vocals and the fact that the words resonated with her. Once released in May of 1984, the song stayed on Billboard’s Hot 100 for a total of 28 weeks. In addition to its high position on the list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and its three GRAMMY Awards (including Best Female Pop Vocal Performance), “Chandelier” has received three GRAMMY Awards.

The Tina Turner Barbie is available for $55 on the Mattel Creations website. One of these dolls would be a fantastic addition to my Christmas tree this year.