How Halloween Ends Honors Halloween Iii: Season of the Witch in Substantial Ways!

Even though Halloween III: Season of the Witch is widely regarded as an anomaly in the Halloween series, it has a dedicated fan base that includes Halloween Ends’ David Gordon Green.

In fact, Green is such an advocate for the movie that he based the entire color scheme of the titles in Halloween Ends on the one used in Season of the Witch.

This serves as both an homage to the earlier film and a reminder that the two adventures share many similarities, most notably that they are not what the audience is expecting. Now playing in theaters and on Peacock is Halloween Ends.

How Halloween Ends Honors Halloween III: Season of the Witch in Substantial Ways!

Green chose to use a blue typeface to emphasize how unique of an experience Ends is, in contrast to the orange fonts typically seen in Halloween films. Green told that this reference is more than just coincidental.

In an homage to Halloween III: Season of the Witch, which threw a wrench into the series’ formula, the director revealed that the movie’s title sequence typeface will be blue instead of orange.

John Carpenter and Debra Hill, seeing the studio would produce a sequel after Halloween’s massive success, scripted Halloween II together with the intention of finally killing off Michael Myers.

This allowed Halloween III to switch gears and explore a fresh plot connected to the holiday that didn’t involve the Myers mythology, setting up a franchise where each picture could be its own unique take on the Halloween theme. In Season of the Witch, there was a villainous mask manufacturer who put explosives in Halloween masks and triggered them with a television jingle.

Fans were dismayed that a film with “Halloween” in the title had nothing to do with Myers, save for a brief in-universe advertisement promoting a network broadcast of the original Halloween film. Due to poor reception, the original anthology concept was scrapped in favor of a sequel centered on Michael Myers’ resurgence.

Not for the first time has Green paid homage to Halloween III; both the original Halloween and Halloween Kills featured trick-or-treaters dressed in the now-iconic skull, witch, and jack-o’-lantern masks.

The Halloween film is currently playing in theaters and airing on Peacock.
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