Finale of Ring of Power: Charlie Vickers Dissects That Halbrand Reveal and Those ‘definite Vibes’ With Galadriel!

The following contains Season 1 finale spoilers. Adapt. The Rings of Power reveals Sauron’s identity.

Galadriel examined the ancestry of the actual King of the Southlands in Thursday’s Season 1 finale. She discovered in Eregion’s archives that the king’s dynasty perished a thousand years ago and he had no heirs, suggesting Halbrand lied about who he was. When she challenged him, he acknowledged he was Sauron.

Charlie Vickers found out who he was playing as Sauron before shooting Episode 3. Vickers recorded the raft sequence in episodes 1 and 2 thinking he was Halbrand.

Episode 3 revealed Halbrand’s background to those who’ve been paying attention. When heckled by Nmenóreans, he snapped a man’s arm and demanded, “Call me Halbrand.”

For some, Sauron is one of the great villains, so why is he enjoying a bar fight in an alleyway in Nmenor? The actor says, “No way.” I suppose he would for two reasons: It demonstrates how low he’s gone, and Tolkien talks about how slowly he reemerges. You see his frailty, that he’s a nasty guy who can explode and make mistakes.

Finale of Ring of Power: Charlie Vickers Dissects That Halbrand Reveal and Those 'Definite Vibes' With Galadriel.
His rage flared again when Galadriel refused to be his queen. His tone shifted, and he taunted her until they were yelling.

“Outrageous. Vickers thinks Sauron gaslighted Galadriel. “He wants her to assist him speed up his designs because she’s elves-savvy. He’s attempting to convince her to use this frequency. Both he and co-star Morfydd Clark found the time “triggering” because they were back on the rough raft. “Coming full circle” was cool.

The violent scene ended Galadriel and Halbrand’s season-long friendship. Vickers admits there were “clear vibrations” between the duo, but not romance.

“I’ve heard people’shipping,’ and I’m depressed,” he says. I didn’t feel romantic vibes, but that’s cool. I suppose they vibe, ‘We’re both on a different wavelength than everyone else.’ For Sauron/Halbrand, it’s been a while since I’ve encountered someone of my level, and that’s exciting. That’s where the chemistry is.”

Season 1 finished with Sauron peering at Mount Doom, signifying his arrival in Mordor. Vickers knows where his character will go in Season 2 with filming already beginning.

Season 1 establishes the world, which is interesting. “We’ve seen all three,” he says. “He helps make the three elven rings, but he doesn’t make them himself. We hear rumors of great things happening shortly.

This includes making seven rings for dwarves and nine for mortals. The One Ring to Rule Them All is the master ring. Vickers adds, “The One Ring is coming.” “He’ll build those rings in the performance. I can’t confirm or deny details, but I’m enthusiastic for that part of the story.”

Vickers doesn’t think Sauron has totally abandoned Halbrand.

I’ve enjoyed playing him in remorse. Whether it’s genuine is a huge theme in Tolkien’s writing about the character at this time, Vickers notes. “He always feels he’s doing good, so he’s a complex guy who’s attempting to cure Middle-earth.”

The Dark Lord’s numerous Second Age forms contribute to his appeal. “I think the audience will always think, ‘Sure, he’s horrible and terrible,‘” Vickers says. When we see things from his perspective, we may discern fair reasons – at least initially. I like that I’ll always have a spark of Halbrand because of this season.