Kevin Smith Says It’s a “Fools Errand” to Try to Direct a Marvel or Star Wars Project.

Kevin Smith is one of the most well-known comic book guys in Hollywood. He was a co-host on an AMC show called Comic Book Men, which was filmed at his own comic book store in New Jersey. Even though he has been known to dabble in superhero fandom, he has never — and will never — take on the coveted Hollywood role of Marvel Cinematic Universe director.

In a new Q&A for The Guardian, when asked if he’d like to direct an MCU or Star Wars project, Smith says, “No. It’s a waste of time, and you’re going to make someone mad. Fandom is crazy and based on groups. People told me I ruined their childhoods when I worked on Masters of the Universe. I would be too scared to go near a Marvel or Star Wars movie. They have a billion people who could make those movies, but no one is making Kevin Smith movies, so I might as well.”

Of course, Smith has dabbled with writing for superhero franchises. He has authored several comic books for both Marvel and DC, and he played a significant role in the Arrowverse on DCTV by helming several episodes of The Flash and Supergirl.

Prior to the great HBO Max purge, he was also supposed to be a part of the DC anthology series Strange Adventures. But compared to an MCU production, each of those initiatives is much smaller in scope.

Smith admits in another section of the Q&A that directing isn’t his strongest skill. I completely concur that I make better speeches than films. I would stop making movies, but then I wouldn’t have any stories to tell,” he claims. Ironically, I make more money speaking about filmmaking on stage than I do by actually producing films.

Since I work in the film industry, I’ve gotten into standup comedy. It’s as if the universe is trying to tell me that while your movies are cute, talking is what you do best. So who needs the MCU now that we know that?