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Who Was Richard Cromwell, Angela Lansbury’s Ex-husband?

Angela Lansbury, who played Miss Marple in MURDER, SHE WROTE, married Richard Cromwell when she was 19 years old, but the couple eventually separated.

On October 11, 2022, Lansbury quietly left this world at her home in Los Angeles, California.
When Richard Cromwell and Dame Angela Lansbury tied the knot in a tiny civil ceremony in 1945, he was 16 years older than she was.

He wed Lansbury not long after her career took off thanks to the success of Gaslight.

Cromwell established himself as a respected actor with his debut in the part of David Kineman in the 1930 picture Tol’able David.

Despite his fame in the movies, Cromwell grew up in a poor household with his four siblings.
After the death of his father in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, he took a job delivering morning newspapers to help support his mother and siblings.

Who was Richard Cromwell, Angela Lansbury's ex-husband?

In his teenage years, he developed an appreciation for the arts and was awarded a scholarship to attend Los Angeles’ Chouinard Art Institute.

Anna Q. Nilsson, Colleen Moore, Tallulah Bankhead, Beatrice Lillie, and Joan Crawford were among the celebrities who commissioned him after seeing his work.

After finding success in the art world, he opened an art studio in Hollywood, but his colleagues convinced him to try out for the lead role in Tol’able David.

After Men of the Hour (1935), Cromwell acted in films including The Wrong Road (1937), Come On Leathernecks (1938), and Riot Squad (1948). (1941). Prior to being diagnosed with liver cancer, he was slated to co-star with singer Jimmie Rodgers in the 1961 film The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come.

On October 11, 1960, Chill Wills succeeded Cromwell, and the former president passed away. He was in his fifties.

Angela Lansbury and Richard Cromwell broke up, but why?
They were married for about a year before Cromwell abruptly left Lansbury with a message reading, “Sorry. I’m at my wits’ end.

A number of years later, Cromwell came out as gay, which astonished Lansbury but didn’t change her opinion of him.

She told Radio Times, “I had no knowledge that I was marrying a gay man.” I thought he was really glamorous and gorgeous; he was friends with Joan Crawford and other Hollywood stars that I admired as a young performer.

“And he wanted to marry me because of what he saw on the screen; he was attracted by me. She informed the media outlet, though, that she had no regrets about the way their marriage had ended.” She went on to say “I wasn’t expecting it to end, so it came as a surprise to me.

He reached his breaking point and had to leave immediately. Simply put, I made a terrible mistake as a young girl.

“I’m sorry it made him upset later on when he realized he couldn’t serve his purpose, but I don’t regret what I did.

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