Who is the Boyfriend of Clare Crawley? Is Ryan Dawkins Engaged to Clare Crawley?

After a long search, Clare Crawley has finally met the man of her dreams.

According to E! News’s source, the Bachelorette alum’s fiance, Ryan Dawkins, CEO of Mascot Sports, proposed to her on October 7 during the RiSE Festival in Las Vegas. According to the insider, Clare’s Instagram post from October 10 details the proposal that took place at the unity lantern release.

She added, “He has held me in my darkness, loves me through my healing, and we now enjoy the light together.” The simplest “yes” I’ve ever given.

Clare also posted a photo of herself during the event, in which she was decorating a lantern. “For a while, I considered giving up. No, I didn’t do that, “Those were the words, she had written. “Stay till I see another sunrise, I told myself. As a result, a single morning’s dawn turned into ten. My walk turned into a run, and my sobs into guffaws, all within a short period of time. There’s no telling what lurks in the shadows. Do not give up.”

Clare got engaged to Dale Moss on the fourth episode of the fourth season of “The Bachelorette,” which was two years ago. They broke up in January 2021, but they got back together that summer. In September 2021, they broke up again.

Clare and Ryan made their relationship public on Instagram last month. The Bachelor Nation star pinned a comment that suggests they have been together for a while. “Babyyyyy!!! “Finally,” the comment said, and Clare replied with a heart emoji, “A year later, and you guys are still so f—king cute.”

Clare said she’s “over the moon” about the engagement and that being a fiancée was “the last thing I expected right now, especially coming from where I was a year ago.”

“It’s just been a serious road,” she told People, adding that Ryan is “in it for my heart” and has been “constant and loud about how much he loves me.”

Clare added, “It’s been such a gift having him in my life.”