When Kanye West Tweeted “Defcon 3,” What Did He Mean by It?

The American Jewish Committee called Kanye West’s tweet on Saturday (October 8) a “vicious anti-Semitic statement.” Ye’s mysterious tweet has bewildered others.

The now-deleted post said, “I’m asleep tonight, but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 on Jewish people.” Black people are Jews, thus I can’t be anti-Semitic. You’ve messed with me and blackballed everybody who opposes your plan.”

Let’s explore “Defcon 3.” The Jewish Chronicle noted that Kanye’s “death con 3” referenced Defcon 3. Defcon is a US military alert system with five readiness levels from 1 to 5.

Defcon 5 is the least severe setting; Defcon 1 means nuclear war. 1959 saw the system’s debut. Defcon 3 increases military preparedness over average.

The Jewish Chronicle claimed Kanye was “declaring figurative war on Jews”
Kanye West’s Instagram Was Locked. The purported reference to Defcon 3 follows Donda’s war-themed Instagram posts on October 7.

When Kanye West tweeted "DEFCON 3," what did he mean by it?

The fashion mogul’s Instagram account was banned after he released screenshots of a text exchange with P Diddy.
Ye texted, “I told you this spells war.” I’ll use you to demonstrate to Jews that no one can intimidate or influence me.

Jesus is Jewish was the post’s caption.

Yeezy’s Paris Fashion Week display on Avenue de la Grande Armée sparked concerns last week (Grand Army Avenue). Models wore T-shirts with ‘White Lives Matter,’ a statement linked with white supremacy. Supermodel Gigi Hadid and Vogue’s first black global contributing editor called the T-shirts “dangerous” and “offensive.”

David Baddiel responds to ‘Jews Don’t Count’ British-Jewish comedian David Baddiel responded to West’s Defcon 3 tweet: “Kanye West’s threat to Jews is predicated on a fiction of Jewish power.” Jews are powerful, so fighting them is punching up.”