Officially, Dahmer is Netflix’s Second-most-popular Show Ever!

After rising to the number nine spot last week as Netflix’s most popular English-language show ever, the serial killer drama has now risen to the number two spot as Netflix’s most popular show ever. Now in

With 1.35 billion hours of viewing time in its first month, Stranger Things 4 is the only English-language series left to beat.

In its first 28 days on the site, Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story racked up more total views than the whole second season of Bridgerton.

Officially, Dahmer is Netflix's second-most-popular show ever!

After the Squid Game (1.65 billion hours), the final season of Money Heist (792.23 million hours), and Stranger Things Season 4, Dahmer has risen to fourth place as the most-watched series of all time, regardless of language. The series’ third week on the platform saw 205.33 million hours of viewing, increasing its total for the first month to 701.37 million hours.

The true story of Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer made notorious by the documentary Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and the negligence of the police that allowed him to continue his killing rampage for so long.

Ryan Murphy directs American Horror Story alum Evan Peters as Dahmer, and the ensemble cast also includes Niecy Nash, Richard Jenkins, and Molly Ringwald in the limited series’ 10 episodes.


Dahmer has been met with backlash from all corners since its premiere on September 21. This includes the relatives of victims, the LGBTQ community, and even a member of the production team.

There’s a new Netflix documentary out about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer called Dahmer: Monster.

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However, the crowd is what really makes this successful. Netflix would learn a valuable lesson about what to adapt and what not to adapt if no one was watching. But the opposite is happening; despite the criticism, it has become one of their most popular shows ever, with millions upon millions of subscribers. It will hopefully inspire many such endeavors in the future.

When do you think viewers’ interest will begin to wane? Probably in the near future, though not this past week.